Center of Opto-Electronic Materials and Devices conducts research on devices such as electronic devices and optic devices, and materials for those devices. The center further studies the physical effects of the those devices. The center’s key project includes multi-discipline convergence research projects related to soft opto-electronic materials and Ⅲ-Ⅴ epi/device. The center conducts research on core materials of softronics which is a promising field for the future. Concentrating on research and development of nano quantum dot of semiconductor, metal nano wire, nano rod, graphene and hybrid functional high molecule and inkjet printing method to deliver soft opto-devices and nanophotonics materials. Furthermore, the center implements research on green technology materials and devices silver technology for the aging society, and smart human adaptive interface, to understand properties of diverse materials based on experimental and quantum chemical methods and to provide solutions for the environment pollution and future resource depletion.

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