In center for quantum information, we are preparing for the upcoming "Quantum Age" by studying fundamentals of and developing key technologies in quantum science and engineering. Our mission is to lead scientific and technological innovations around the globe by examining a wide range of research in quantum science and its applications, including quantum cryptography, quantum computing, and quantum devices.

Reseach Area

Quantum secure communication

  • - 1xN QKD network
  • - Free space QKD
  • - Quantum authentication

Quantum computing

  • - Integrated quantum photonics with diamond
  • - Quantum interface between flying qubits and stationary qubits
  • - Fundamentals of quantum optics and quantum information

Quantum devices

  • - Avalanche photodiode for single-photon detection
  • - Various quantum devices such as single photon source with diamond defects

Research Teams

  • Quantum Cryptography System Research Group (Ph.D. Moon Sung,
  • Single Photon Detection Research Group (Ph.D. Abdessattar Bouzid,

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