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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
9 Humanoid Path Planning From HRI Perspective: A Scalable Approach via Waypoints With a Time Index You, Bum-Jae; 2013.02 IEEE transactions on Cybernetics 43, 1, (217~229) Abstract
8 Effect of Impedance-Shaping on Perception of Soft Tissues in Macro-Micro Teleoperation 2012.08 IEEE transactions on industrial electronics 59, 8, (3273~3285 ) Abstract
7 Robust visual speakingness detection using bi-level HMM You, Bum-Jae; 2012.02 Pattern recognition 45, 2, (783~793) Abstract
6 Providing Services Using Network-Based Humanoids in a Home Environment Kim, KangGeon; 2011.11 IEEE transactions on consumer electronics 57, 4, (1628~1636) Abstract
5 Towards cognitive grasping: modeling of unknown objects and its corresponding grasp types Hyoungnyoun Kim; 2011.07 Intelligent Service Robotics 4, 3, (159~166) Abstract
4 MAHRU-M: A mobile humanoid robot platform based on a dual-network control system and coordinated task execution Cha Young Su; 2011.06 Robotics and autonomous systems 59, 6, (354~366) Abstract
3 Biologically Inspired Robotic Arm Control Using an Artificial Neural Oscillator Woosung Yang; 2010.01 Mathematical problems in engineering 2010, (107538-1~107538-16) Abstract
2 A Walking pattern generation method of humanoid robot MAHRU-R Hong, Seok Min; 2009.07 Intelligent Service Robotics 2, 3, (161~171) Abstract
1 A Development of Graphical Interface for Decision Making Process Including Real-time Consistency Evaluation 2007.07 Lecture notes in computer science 4559, (130~137) Abstract

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