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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
971 Organophosphorus hydrolase-poly-β-cyclodextrin as a stable self-decontaminating bio-catalytic material for sorption and degradation of organophosphate pesticide Youngkwang Moon; 2019.03 Journal of hazardous materials 365, (261~269) Abstract
970 Rigid Double-stranded Siloxane-induced High-flux Carbon Molecular Sieve Hollow Fiber Membranes for CO2/CH4 Separation Ju Ho Shin;Hyun Jung Yu; 2019.01 Journal of membrane science 570-571, (504~512) Abstract
969 SO32-/SO42- functionalization-tailorable catalytic surface features of Sb-promoted Cu3V2O8 on TiO2 for selective catalytic reduction of NOX with NH3 Kim, Jongsik;Lee So Min; 2018.12 Applied catalysis A, General 570, (355~366) Abstract
968 Exploration of surface properties of Sb-promoted copper vanadate catalysts for selective catalytic reduction of NOX by NH3 Kim, Jongsik; 2018.11 Applied catalysis B, Environmental 236, (314~325) Abstract
967 Fe3S4/Fe7S8-promoted degradation of phenol via heterogeneous, catalytic H2O2 scission mediated by S-modified surface Fe2+ species CHOE YUN JEONG; 2018.10 Applied catalysis B, Environmental 233, (272~280) Abstract
966 Synthesis of amine-functionalized ZIF-8 with 3-amino-1,2,4-triazole by postsynthetic modification for efficient CO2-selective adsorbents and beyond Kie Yong Cho;Heseong An;DO XUAN HUY; 2018.10 Journal of materials chemistry. A, Materials for energy and sustainability 6, 39, (18912~18919) Abstract
965 Mechanical Fatigue Resistance of Piezoelectric PVDF Polymers Shin Youn-Hwan; 2018.10 Micromachines 9, 10, (503-1~503-8) Abstract
964 Flame-synthesized Y2O3:Tb3+ nanocrystals as spectral converting materials Sovann Khan; 2018.09 Journal of nanoparticle research : an interdisciplinary forum for nanoscale science and technology 20, (241~254) Abstract
963 Epoxide-Functionalized, Poly(ethylenimine)-Confined Silica/Polymer Module Affording Sustainable CO2 Capture in Rapid Thermal Swing Adsorption Park Sung Hyun;Kim, Jongsik; 2018.09 Industrial & engineering chemistry research 57, (13923~13931) Abstract
962 Flame synthesized Y2O3:Tb3+-Yb3+ phosphors as spectral convertors for solar cells Sovann Khan; 2018.08 Research on chemical intermediates 44, 8, (4619~4632) Abstract

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