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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
187 Highly sensitive chemiresistive H2S gas sensor based on graphene decorated with Ag nanoparticles and charged impurities Oleksandr Ovsianytskyi; 2018.03 Sensors and actuators. B, Chemical 257, (278~285) Abstract
186 Onion-like carbon as dopant/modification-free electrocatalyst for [VO]2+/[VO2]+ redox reaction:Performance-control mechanism Ko Young Jin;Choi Keunsu; 2018.02 Carbon 127, (31~40) Abstract
185 Excitation-driven non-thermal conversion of few-layer graphenes into sp3-bonded carbon nanofilms Yevhen Horbatenko;Dongbin Shin; 2018.02 Chemical physics letters 694, (23~28) Abstract
184 Highly adhesive and high fatigue-resistant copper/PET flexible electronic substrates Sang Jin Park; 2018.01 Applied surface science 427, 1, (1~9) Abstract
183 Reaction Mechanism of Area-Selective Atomic Layer Deposition for Al2O3 Nanopatterns Seunggi Seo; 2017.12 ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 9, (41607~41617) Abstract
182 SE2 reaction in noncarbon system: Metal-halide catalysis for dehydrogenation of ammonia borane Pai Sung Jin; 2017.12 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 114, 52, (13625~13630) Abstract
181 Highly selective and sensitive detection of Cr6+ ions using size-specific label-free gold nanoparticles Rajalakshmi Kanagaraj;NAM, YUN SIK; 2017.11 Sensors and actuators. B, Chemical 251, (683~691) Abstract
180 Atomistic Simulation Protocol for Improved Design of Si-O-C Hybrid Nanostructures as Li-Ion Battery Anodes: ReaxFF Reactive Force Field YEO BYUNG CHUL;Jung Hyun; 2017.10 The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 121, (23268~23275) Abstract
179 Unexpected Roles of Interstitially Doped Lithium in Blue and Green Light Emitting Y2O3:Bi3+: A Combined Experimental and Computational Study Sovann Khan;Heechae Choi; 2017.10 Inorganic chemistry 56, 20, (12139~12147) Abstract
178 Monolayer BC2: an ultrahigh capacity anode material for Li ion batteries Deya Das;Rahul P. Hardikar; 2017.09 Physical chemistry chemical physics : PCCP 19, (24230~24239) Abstract

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