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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
715 Disinfection of various bacterial pathogens using novel silver nanoparticle-decorated magnetic hybrid colloids SungJun Park; 2017.12 The Science of the total environment 609, (289~296) Abstract
714 Surface smoothing of indium tin oxide film by laser-induced photochemical etching JoonHyun Kang; 2017.12 Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Part 1- Regular Papers 56, 12, (128003-1~128003-3) Abstract
713 Z 2-FET as Capacitor-Less eDRAM Cell For High-Density Integration Carlos Navarro; 2017.12 IEEE transactions on electron devices 64, 12, (4904~4909) Abstract
712 Extended Analysis of the Z2-FET:Operation as Capacitorless eDRAM Carlos Navarro; 2017.11 IEEE transactions on electron devices 64, 11, (4486~4491) Abstract
711 Optical properties and bridge photodetector integration of lead sulfide nanowires Jungdong Kim; 2017.11 Nanotechnology 28, 47, (475706-1~475706-7) Abstract
710 Solution-processed indium oxide electron transporting layers for high-performance and photo-stable perovskite and organic solar cells Seokhyun Yoon;Si Joon Kim; 2017.11 Nanoscale 9, 42, (16305~16312) Abstract
709 Pretreatment by selective ion-implantation for epitaxial lateral overgrowth of GaN on patterned sapphire substrate Dae-sik Kim; 2017.11 Thin solid films 641, S1, (2~7) Abstract
708 The evaluation of hole mobility characteristics with surface roughness Hyeseon Shin; 2017.10 Journal of nanoscience and nanotechnology 17, 10, (7766~7770) Abstract
707 Effects of Y dopant on Lattice Distortion and Electrical Properties of In3SbTe2 Phase-Change Material Minho Choi;Heechae Choi; 2017.09 Physica status solidi. Rapid Research Letters : PSS. 10, (1700275-1~1700275-5) Abstract
706 Surface smoothing of poly(methyl methacrylate) film by laser induced photochemical etching JoonHyun Kang;Song-ee Lee; 2017.08 Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Part 1- Regular Papers 56, (090306-1~090306-3) Abstract

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