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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
772 Long-distance transmission of broadband nearinfrared light guided by a semi-disordered 2D array of metal nanoparticles Hyounguk Kim;Kinam Jung; 2018.12 Nanoscale 10, 45, (21275~21283) Abstract
771 Numerical Modeling of in-Band Pumped Ho-Doped Silica Fiber Lasers Jiachen Wang; 2018.12 Journal of lightwave technology : a joint IEEE/OSA publication 36, 24, (5863~5880) Abstract
770 A Plesiohedral Cellular Network of Graphene Bubbles for Ultralight, Strong, and Superelastic Materials Seonju Yeo;Min Jun Oh; 2018.11 Advanced materials 30, 45, (1802997-1~1802977-7) Abstract
769 The formation of a functional pentacene/CH3NH3PbI3-xClx perovskite interface: optical gating and field-induced charge retention Youngjun Kim; 2018.11 Nanoscale 10, 41, (19383~19389) Abstract
768 Large-scale nanoporous metal-coated silica aerogels for high SERS effect improvement Changwook Kim;Seunghwa Baek; 2018.10 Scientific Reports 8, 1, (1~10) Abstract
767 Hole mobility characteristics with surface roughness on silicon-on-insulator substrate Hyeseon Shin; 2018.09 Journal of nanoscience and nanotechnology 18, 9, (6017~6020) Abstract
766 Inactivation of influenza A virus via exposure to silver nanoparticle-decorated silica hybrid composites SungJun Park; 2018.09 ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND POLLUTION RESEARCH 25, 27, (27021~27030) Abstract
765 Near-infrared photodetector achieved by chemically-exfoliated multilayered MoS2 flakes Park MinJi; 2018.08 Applied surface science 448, (64~70) Abstract
764 Kinetics and mechanisms for ion-assisted etching of InP thin films in HBr + Cl-2 + Ar inductively coupled plasma with various HBr/Cl-2 mixing ratios Changmok Kim; 2018.08 Thin solid films 660, (590~595) Abstract
763 Post-thermal-induced recrystallization in GaAs/Al0.3Ga0.7As quantum dots grown by droplet epitaxy with near-unity stoichiometry Inah Yeo; 2018.08 ACS omega 3, 8, (8677~8682) Abstract

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