Since 1991, KIST has dedicated itself to educating talented young professionals. KIST School has taken full advantage of KIST’s vast experience in the creation and operation of graduate schools. The primary goal of KIST School is to educate future global leaders in S&T research. To do that, we offer three interdisciplinary educational programs backed by more than 50 years of top-notch research and educational experience.

KIST School’s unique educational system is based on cutting-edge research facilities and infrastructure, and it was founded on the work of outstanding researchers at KIST who paved the way for Korea's S&T revolution.

Students are given opportunities to participate in actual R&D projects, receive firsthand experience at real industrial sites, and undergo research-oriented education and training in their respective fields. In order to maintain close, continued relationships among KIST School alumni and to support their research endeavors, we provide our alumni with significant research grants.

Brief of Degree Program


  • Division of Bio-Medical Science & Technology
  • Division of Nano & Information Technology
  • Division of Energy & Environment Technology

Degree Programs

  • Master’s Program / Doctoral Program


  • Spring Semester begins in March, Fall Semester begins in September

Full Scholarship

  • Tuition and registration costs are covered by KIST
  • Monthly stipends of 1,100 USD for Master's students and 1,500 USD for Ph.D. students are provided

Benefits for Students

  • Diverse academic/cultural events
  • Free dinners for researchers working overtime
  • Discounted condominium rates at many major tourist destinations in Korea
  • First-rate dormitory facilities for 120 USD per month

Benefits for Alumni

  • KIST School alumni can potentially obtain research grants from KIST based on their research capabilities and contributions to KIST School

English Language Requirements for Admission

English Language Requirements

※ All test scores should be dated within 2 years of the application deadline. - Waiver of English score requirement
- Applicants with a bachelor’s degree or higher who studied for over a year in an English-speaking country such as the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, or South Africa.

For more information on how to apply, KIST School apply SITE go

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