Research Center Directory

Research Center Directory
Research Division Research Center Contact
Brain Science Institute Center for Neuroscience 82-2-958-6939
Center for Functional Connectomics 82-2-958-7212
Center for Neuromedicine 82-2-958-5108
Center for Biomicrosystems 82-2-958-6810
Biomedical Research Institute Center for Bionics 82-2-958-5650
Center for Biomaterials 82-2-958-5303
Center for Theragnosis 82-2-958-5903
Institute for Multidisciplinary Convergence of Materials Center for Materials Architecture 82-2-958-5511
Center for Optoelectronics Convergence Systems 82-2-958-5407
Center for Computational Science 82-2-958-5450
Green City Technology Institute Center for Water Resources Cycle Research 82-2-958-5804
Center for Environment, Health and Welfare Research 82-2-958-5803
Center for Urban Energy Systems 82-2-958-5670
Center for Energy Convergence 82-2-958-5808
Center for Integrated Risk Research 82-2-958-5803
Future Convergence Research Division Spin Convergence Research Center 82-2-958-5533
Interface Control Research Center 82-2-958-5360
High Temperature Energy Materials Research Center 82-2-958-5544
Electronic Materials Research Center 82-2-958-5788
Molecular Recognition Research Center 82-2-958-5053
Chemical Kinomics Research Center 82-2-958-5107
Nano Quantum Information Research Center 82-2-958-
Nanomaterials Technology Development Center 82-2-958-
Center for Traditional Science & Technology 82-2-958-
Future Convergence Research Division Fuel Cell Research Center 82-2-958-5208
Clean Energy Research Center 82-2-958-5807
Sensor System Research Center 82-2-958-5703
Photoelectronic Hybrid Research Center 82-2-958-5304
Interaction & Robotics Research Center 82-2-958-5752
Imaging Media Research Center 82-2-958-5774
Center for R-Learning Development, Promotion & Support 82-2-958-6617
Research Planning & Coordination Division Doping Control Center 82-2-958-5052
Advanced Analysis Center 82-2-958-5961

Administration Directory

Administration Directory
Departments Major Activities Contact
Global Cooperation Team Cooperation with international institutions, delegation visitations, global campus programs, international events, support for visiting scientists 82-2-958-6251
Academic Affairs Team UST, IRDA, support for international students, other educational programs 82-2-958-6027
Procurement Team Procurement (including printing), general service contracts, property management 82-2-958-6279
Research Support Department Project contracts, project development activities, budget for research projects 82-2-958-6327
Technology Transfer Division Patent applications, registrations, licensing agreements, technology consultation, intellectual property management 82-2-958-6883
Public Relations Department KIST public relations (domestic and international), website, promotion of S&T culture through activities and events 82-2-958-6039
Human Resources Management Team HR-related tasks 82-2-958-6249
Information & Communications Team Telecommunications, intranet system 82-2-958-6284
General Affairs & Welfare Team Resident facilities, KIST clinic, sports facilities, employees’ welfare, general KIST events 82-2-958-6088
Construction Management Team Buildings, electricity, machineries, landscaping, cleaning, facility repairs, room assigning 82-2-958-6325
Safety & Security Team Campus Ssafety, Security, KIST ID cards, radioisotope 82-2-958-6217

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