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Introductory Video

INTRO video 1966 Seoul Cheonggyecheon Science and technology began to take shape in Korea where the initial construction for the nation to takeoff on its industrialization path was complete.  18 scientists from around the world, including the U.S. and Japan, came together for a single purpose --- the Development of Korea. Today, half a century later, KIST comprises over 2,000 scientists working together in the Hongneung Research Complex, which sits on 280,991m2 land. Going beyond the national borders of Korea, KIST aims to bring a brighter future to all mankind as a world’s leading science & research institute.   KIST. Making a new history! Slip sheet Korea & KIST  Invention & Innovation Smart & Strong Tomorrow & Together KOREA & KIST  1-1 In the ’60s and ’70s, Korea was a country in dire need of growth engines to promote national economy. Due to lack of resources to boost the nation to the path of prosperity, science and technology was the only hope for Korea to escape from poverty.  1-2 With U.S. aid funds, KIST was the first comprehensive research institute established in Korea.  2-1 As a leader of science & technology, KIST concentrated on the development of polyester film, color TV, and personal computer in the 60s and 70s in order to accumulate advanced industrial technology to eventually build the foundation for the state-of-the-art technology of today.  3-1 After half a century since its founding, KIST is the leading think tank of Korea that laid the blueprint for industrial technology in industries such as steel, heavy & chemical, electronics, shipbuilding, and automotive.   Invention & Innovation 4-1 In the 80s and 90s, KIST pursued advanced technologies and put forth varying successful outcomes.  4-2 As the first Korean institute to publish its research results in Nature, KIST focused on a variety of research areas from original technology such as lyocell fiber expanding to various industrial technology developments. 5-1 Entering the 21st century, as a result of continuous R&D investment, KIST has been making remarkable achievements in future alternative energy and convergence technology through developing a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle and the world’s first spin transistor.  6-1 In addition, KIST,has become the inspiration and a role model for other government-backed research organizations such as Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, and Korea Institute of Ocean Science & Technology due to its numerous successes. Smart & Strong 7-1 As of 2012, KIST, staffed with 2,200 researchers, built a strong platform for international cooperation that links its head office in Seoul and branches in Gangreung and Jeonbuk with KIST Europe located in Saarbrucken, Germany, and the Korea-India Cooperation Center located in Bangalore, India. Thus, KIST is advancing into a global research organization.  8-1 Along with the expansion of KIST, Korea has transformed from an official development assistance (ODA) beneficiary to an ODA donor in the shortest time in history. 8-2 The KIST is envied by many developing countries.  9-1 KIST has continued to grow since its founding.  9-2 As result, KIST is recognized domestically as well as internationally as the leading science & technology think tank of Korea.  10-1 KIST first gained world’s attention with its English instructor robot, which was selected by Time magazine as one of The 50 Best Inventions of 2010, and considered one of the top 10 science & technology news events for 3 consecutive years.  11-1 In addition, research outcomes of KIST have proven their excellence over time and time which can be seen from its publications in various international journals.  12-1 In comparison with other international research organization, KIST in spite of its limited size, already stands shoulder to shoulder with some of the global research organization in terms of research outcomes.  13-1 KIST ranks at the top on the National Science Index and Green Energy Technology Index and stands proud at the 52nd place among public research organizations around the world. Tomorrow & Together 14-1 For more than half a century since its foundation in 1966, KIST has made numerous accomplishments. 14-2 Based on these achievements, now is the time to prepare for the next 50 years to come.  15-1 We will write a new history and deliver hope to the world drawing on our combined history, experience, creativity and enthusiasm in the field of science & technology. 16-1 In so doing, we will make a new history in science and technology research of Korea, to open the future together moving towards a brighter world.  17-1 For the new future, we must pioneerto create a new blue ocean type of frontier rather than imitation type of research.  18-1 KIST is equipped with the research and administrative capacity that is on the international standard. We will put our greatest efforts towards gaining and fostering global talents in order to propel research outcomes of KIST to the level that far exceeds the global standard. KIST will become one of the world’s top institutes in the field of science & technology.  19-1 KIST will continue to work on the academic-industrial-research collaboration and shared management through trust and harmony, so that we can provide meaningful contribution to the nation, society and to humankind. Tomorrow & Together With a science and technology initiative to lead the future, KIST promises to be the vital force in pushing Korea towards the new and changed future.  ENDING We have a vision for the future. We believe in the power that we will build in the future.  Because we are KIST, we will create a new history in the field of Korea’s science and technology.

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