Major Accomplishments of KIST Over Its 40-Year History. Since its foundation over 40 years ago, KIST has remained faithful to its role as a comprehensive research institute supporting Korea's interests and has made active contributions to the growth of the nation's industrial base through advancements in science and technology. A review of its major accomplishments through the years offer a peek into the most significant events in its history.

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Project Name Caffeine-mediated inhibition of calcium release channel IP3R3 blocks glioblastoma invasion and extends survival
Year 2010 Director Dr. C. Justin Lee
1. Content & Characteristic
    Gliblastoma invade in the brain region killing normal brain tissue using Ca2+ release.
    We found that  caffeine-mediated inhibition of Ca2+ channel blocks glioblastoma
    invasion and extends survival.
2. Scientific Value
     This is the first time to show that caffeine blocks invasion of glioblastoma and the
     mechanism of blocking Ca2+ channel by caffeine. We also found that caffeine extends
     survival in animal model.
3. Economic Effect
     Complete dissection of glioblastoma by neuro surgery is almost impossible. The only
     way to treat is taking Temodal. However, Temodal can extends survival only 2~3
     months. In the future, caffeine may be a therapeutic drug in gliblastoma patients.
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