Major Accomplishments of KIST Over Its 40-Year History. Since its foundation over 40 years ago, KIST has remained faithful to its role as a comprehensive research institute supporting Korea's interests and has made active contributions to the growth of the nation's industrial base through advancements in science and technology. A review of its major accomplishments through the years offer a peek into the most significant events in its history.

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Project Name Development of a Cathode Material for Highly Efficient Lithium Ion Secondary Battery
Year 2007 Director Jae Kwan PARK
○ Content & Characteristic

   - Combination of hybrid(SnO2-In2O3) nano structures in various forms and application of  
      secondary battery cathode materials
   - Combination of nano structured plates from highly conductive calcium cobalt oxides and
      application of secondary battery cathode materials 

○ Scientific Value
   - Development of highly conductive and long-lasting novel nano structured materials which has
      twice bigger energy storage capability than other carbon type materials.
○ Economic Effect
   - The market size of lithium ion secondary batteries is forecasted to be US$3 billion dollars by
      2015. It will be used as the substitute cathode material in the lithium ion secondary battery
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