Major Accomplishments of KIST Over Its 40-Year History. Since its foundation over 40 years ago, KIST has remained faithful to its role as a comprehensive research institute supporting Korea's interests and has made active contributions to the growth of the nation's industrial base through advancements in science and technology. A review of its major accomplishments through the years offer a peek into the most significant events in its history.

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Project Name Development of flexible memory cell array
Year 2013 Director Dr. TAE-WOOK KIM

Development of flexible memory cell array


1. Content & Characteristic

      O This research aims for development of new organic memory and diode materials

         for next-generation flexible and twistable memory devices with high-density,

         ultimate flexibility and without cross-talk issue to overcome the technological

         limits of the conventional silicon and inorganic material based electronics.

          - Carbon nanomaterials with organic matrix materials was developed as memory materials

                and new small molecule based photo sensitive crosslinker was introduced to patterning of

                both memory and diode materials.

             - Memory cell and diode cell was vertically integrated in 8 x 8 cell array on the flexible

               substrate using low temperature processes.






2. Scientific and Technological Value

      O This research is the first research on memory cell array with one diode-one

         resistor (1D-1R)cell array architecture on flexible substrate without any cross-

         talk issue.

3. Social and Economic Effect

      O Development of methodology to design new flexible materials for high density,

         high performance, multi-functional flexible electronics

      O World leading group in the field of carbon composite based flexible electronic


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