Major Accomplishments of KIST Over Its 40-Year History. Since its foundation over 40 years ago, KIST has remained faithful to its role as a comprehensive research institute supporting Korea's interests and has made active contributions to the growth of the nation's industrial base through advancements in science and technology. A review of its major accomplishments through the years offer a peek into the most significant events in its history.

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Project Name Anti-microorganismic silver nanoparticle-composite
Year 2013 Director Dr. Woo Kyoungja

Anti-microorganismic silver nanoparticle-composite


1. Content & Characteristic

      O This research aims for development of inorganic silver nanoparticle-composites,

         which destroy the hazardous microorganisms by direct toxicity of silver

         nanoparticles and build up green environment. It consists of three parts:

         - Design and synthesis of inorganic silver nanoparticle-composite, which excludes surface

              ligands, resolves aggregation and environmental release problems, and improves water-


          - Development of scale-up synthesis technology for industrial application.

          - Ensuring anti-microorganismic effect and application to air purification filter.



2. Scientific and Technological Value

      O This research is important in terms of developing novel silver nanoparticle-

         composite which can expose its surface and overcome the limitations of

         aggregation and environmental release of the primitive nanoparticles.


3. Social and Economic Effect

      O Development of novel silver nanoparticle-composite material with multifunctional

         anti-microorganismic property.

      O Activation of environmental industry utilizing silver nanoparticle composite.

      O Creation of added value through application to home-electronic devices.

      O Ensuring green environment and Improved quality of life.

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