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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
24 Reduced nicotinic receptor function in sympathetic ganglia is responsible for the hypothermia in the acetylcholinesterase knockout mouse Sun Minjeong; 2007.02 JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON 578, 3, (751~764) Abstract
23 Highly ordered arrangement of single neurons in orientation pinwheels Ohki, K.; 2006.08 Nature 442, (925~928) Abstract
22 Lack of patchy horizontal connectivity in primary visual cortex of a mammal without orientation maps Van Hooser, S.D.; 2006.07 The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience 26, 29, (7680~7692) Abstract
21 Early up-regulation of CXC-chemokine expression is associated with strong cellular immune responses to murine skin xenografts Eun Mi Lee; 2006.03 Xenotransplantation 13, (328~336) Abstract
20 Cloning and expression of Ca2+-activated chloride channel from rat brain Jeong SM; 2005.08 Biochemical and biophysical research communications 334, 2, (569~576) Abstract
19 Persistent hippocampal CA1 LTP in mice lacking the C-terminal PDZ ligand of GluR1 Kim Chong Hyun; 2005.08 Nature neuroscience 8, 8, (985~987) Abstract
18 Peptidergic contribution to posttetanic potentiation at a central synapse of aplysia Koh Hae-Young; 2005.08 Journal of neurophysiology 94, 2, (1281~1286) Abstract
17 Differential effects of Gqα, G14α and G15α on vascular smooth muscle cell survival and Gene Expression Profiles Richard D. Peavy; 2005.06 Molecular pharmacology 67, 6, (2102~2114) Abstract
16 Baicalein prevents 6-hydroxydopamine-induced dopaminergic dysfunction and lipid peroxidation in mice Im, Heh-In; 2005.06 Journal of Pharmacological Sciences 98, 2, (185~189) Abstract
15 Melatonin protects against neuronal damage induced by 3-nitropropionic acid in rat striatum Nam Eun Joo; 2005.06 Brain research 1046, 1-2, (90~96) Abstract

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