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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
136 Integrated miRNA-mRNA analysis in the habenula nuclei of mice intravenously self-administering nicotine Sang-joon Lee; 2015.08 Scientific Reports 5, 12909, (1~13) Abstract
135 Monitoring of Intracellular Tau Aggregation Regulated by OGA/OGT Inhibitors Lim, Sungsu; 2015.08 International journal of molecular sciences 16, (20212~20224) Abstract
134 Amyloid-β Oligomers May Impair SNARE-Mediated Exocytosis by Direct Binding to Syntaxin 1a. Yoosoo Yang;Jaewook Kim; 2015.08 Cell Reports 12, 8, (1244~1251) Abstract
133 Neural probes with multi-drug delivery capability Shin Hyogeun;Hyunjoo Jenny Lee; 2015.08 Lab on a chip 15, 18, (3730~3737) Abstract
132 Changes in Activity of the Same Thalamic Neurons to Repeated Nociception in Behaving Mice Huh yeowool; 2015.06 PLoS ONE 10, 6) Abstract
131 Alterations of Hippocampal Place Cells in Foraging Rats Facing a "Predatory" Threat Eun Joo Kim;Park mi jung; 2015.05 Current biology : CB 25, (1~6) Abstract
130 Early growth response 1 (Egr-1) directly regulates GABAA receptor α2, α4, and θ subunits in the hippocampus Jiwon Mo; 2015.05 Journal of neurochemistry 133, (489~500) Abstract
129 1H, 13C and 15N resonance assignment of WHEP domains of human glutamyl-prolyl tRNA synthetase Shin Chin Ho; 2015.04 BIOMOLECULAR NMR ASSIGNMENTS 9, (25~30) Abstract
128 Knockdown of phospholipase C-β1 in the medial prefrontal cortex of male mice impairs working memory among multiple schizophrenia endophenotypes Seong-Wook Kim;Seo mi sun; 2015.03 Journal of psychiatry & neuroscience : JPN 40, 2, (78~88) Abstract
127 Intrathecal RGS4 Inhibitor, CCG50014, Reduces Nociceptive Responses and Enhances Opioid-Mediated Analgesic Effects in the Mouse Formalin Test Yoon, Seo-Yeon;Woo Ji Wan; 2015.03 Anesthesia and analgesia 120, 3, (671~677) Abstract

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