The Center for Functional Connectomics was launched as a World Class Institute program to upgrade Korea's level of Neurosciences to the global standard. Its members include outstanding scientists from internationally renowned research centers, such as Duke and Yale University. The Center aims to understand how the brain works, which is one of the most fundamental challenges of our time. By developing cutting-edge technological resources and mapping the functional connectome of the mouse brain the center takes the advantage of Optogenetic strategies that allow light sensitive gene products to be targeted to specific types of neurons rather than using anatomical techniques. Using the Optogenetic approach, the center will develop world's first comprehensive mapping of functional neural circuitry at the level of individual synapse and therapeutic tools for various neurological disorders.

Research Teams

  • Laboratory of Dr. George Augustine (in progress)
  • Laboratory of Dr. Bradley Baker (in progress)
  • Laboratory of Dr. Homme Hellinga (in progress)
  • Laboratory of Dr. Sebastien Royer [Hippocampus networks dynamics] (in progress)

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