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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
34 Channel-mediated astrocytic glutamate release via Bestrophin-1 targets synaptic NMDARs Han Kyung-Seok; 2013.01 Molecular Brain 6, 4, (4-1~4-9) Abstract
33 Astrocytes as GABA-ergic and GABA-ceptive Cells 윤보은; 2012.11 Neurochemical research 37, 11, (2474~2479 ) Abstract
32 Protease Activated Receptor 1-induced glutamate release in cultured astrocytes is mediated by Bestrophin-1 channel but not by vesicular exocytosis Oh soo jin; 2012.10 Molecular Brain 5, (38-1~38-19) Abstract
31 Reduction of experimental diabetic vascular leakage and pericyte apoptosis in mice by delivery of αA-crystallin with a recombinant adenovirus. Kim YH;Park SY; 2012.10 Diabetologia 55, 10, (2835~2844) Abstract
30 Raf Kinase Inhibitory Protein is Required for Cerebellar Long-Term Synaptic Depression by Mediating PKC-Dependent MAPK Activation Yukio Yamamoto; 2012.10 Journal of neuroscience 32, 41, (14254~14264) Abstract
29 Calcium as a Trigger for Cerebellar Long-Term Synaptic Depression Elizabeth A. Finch; 2012.09 CEREBELLUM 11, 3, (706~717) Abstract
28 Calcyon Forms a Novel Ternary Complex with Dopamine D1 Receptor through PSD-95 Protein and Plays a Role in Dopamine Receptor Internalization 2012.09 The Journal of biological chemistry 287, 38, (31813~31822) Abstract
27 Single Action Potentials and Subthreshold Electrical Events Imaged in Neurons with a Fluorescent Protein Voltage Probe Jin, Lei;Han, Zhou; 2012.09 Neuron 75, 5, (779~785) Abstract
26 Columnar distribution of activity dependent gabaergic depolarization in sensorimotor cortical neurons 2012.09 Molecular Brain 5, 33, (33-1~33-23) Abstract
25 TREK-1 and Best1 Channels Mediate Fast and Slow Glutamate Release in Astrocytes upon GPCR Activation Woo Dong Ho; 2012.09 Cell 151, 1, (25~40) Abstract

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