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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
133 Direct interaction with 14-3-3 gamma promotes surface expression of Best1 channel in astrocyte Oh Soo-Jin; 2017.11 Molecular Brain 10, 51, (1~12) Abstract
132 Voltage and calcium imaging of brain activity Masoud Sepehiri Rad; 2017.11 Biophysical journal 113, 10, (2160~2167) Abstract
131 Dorsal and Ventral Hippocampus Differentiate in Functional Pathways and Differentially Associate with Neurological Disease-Related Genes during Postnatal Development A-Ram Lee; 2017.10 Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience 10, 331, (1~14) Abstract
130 Implantation of Chronic Silicon Probes and Recording of Hippocampal Place Cells in an Enriched Treadmill Apparatus Anvar Sariev; 2017.10 Journal of visualized experiments : JoVE 128, (e56438-1~e56438-5) Abstract
129 A role for the purinergic receptor P2X(3) in astrocytes in the mechanism of craniofacial neuropathic pain Won Mah;Sang Man Lee;Lee Jaekwang; 2017.10 Scientific Reports 7, (13627-1~13627-11) Abstract
128 Timely regulated sorting from early to late endosomes is required to maintain cerebellar long-term depression Kim Teagon; 2017.09 Nature Communications 8, 401, (1~16) Abstract
127 Improving a genetically encoded voltage indicator by modifying the cytoplasmic charge composition Sungmoo Lee; 2017.08 Scientific Reports 7, 8286, (1~16) Abstract
126 Small molecule-based lineage switch of human adipose-derived stem cells into neural stem cells and functional GABAergic neurons Jihye Park; 2017.08 Scientific Reports 7, (10166-1~10166-14) Abstract
125 Inhibitory Basal Ganglia Inputs Induce Excitatory Motor Signals in the Thalamus Jeongjin Kim; 2017.08 Neuron 95, 5, (1181~1196) Abstract
124 Differential effects of N-linked glycosylation of Vstm5 at multiple sites on surface expression and filopodia formation A-Ram Lee; 2017.07 PLoS ONE 12, 7, (e0181257-1~e0181257-14) Abstract

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