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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
355 Facile diverted synthesis of pyrrolidinyl triazoles using organotrifluoroborate: discovery of potential mPTP blockers Jung Sun Hwa ;KEUM, GYO CHANG;Min Sun-Joon; 2014.12 Organic & biomolecular chemistry 12, 47, (9674~9682) Abstract
354 Virtual Screening and Synthesis of Novel Antitubercular Agents Through Interaction-Based Pharmacophore and Molecular Docking Studies Deepak Bhattarai;Muhammad Muddassar; 2014.12 CURRENT COMPUTER-AIDED DRUG DESIGN 10, 4, (383~392) Abstract
353 Synthesis and in Vitro Evaluation of the Antitubercular and Antibacterial Activity of Novel Oxazolidinones Bearing Octahydrocyclopenta[c]pyrrol-2-yl Moieties Bhattarai Deepak;Lee Ju hyeon; 2014.12 Chemical & pharmaceutical bulletin 62, 12, (1214~1224) Abstract
352 Taurine in drinking water recovers learning and memory in the adult APP/PS1 mouse model of Alzheimer's disease Kim Hye Yun;Kim, Hyunjin;Jin H. Yoon; 2014.12 Scientific Reports 4, (7467-1~7467-7) Abstract
351 Glial GABA, synthesized by monoamine oxidase B, mediates tonic inhibition Yoon, Bo-eun;Woo Jun Sung; 2014.11 The Journal of physiology 592, 22, (4951~4968) Abstract
350 Crystal structure of (E)-N-[(E)-3-(4-methoxyphenyl)allylidene] naphthalen-1-amine Lee, Jae Kyun; 2014.11 Acta crystallographica Section E, Structure reports online. [computer file] 70, 11, (o1174-1~o1174-10) Abstract
349 Novel thienopyrimidinones as mGluR1 antagonists Youngjae Kim; 2014.10 European journal of medicinal chemistry 85, (629~637) Abstract
348 Optogenetics reveals a role for accumbal medium spiny neurons expressing dopamine D2 receptors in cocaine-induced behavioral sensitization Shelly Sooyun Song; 2014.10 Frontiers in behavioral neuroscience 8, (1~11) Abstract
347 Correlations of amyloid-β concentrations between CSF and plasma in acute Alzheimer mouse model Cho Soo Min; 2014.10 Scientific Reports 4, (6777-1~6777-4) Abstract
346 9-O-butyl-13-(4-isopropylbenzyl)berberine, KR-72, Is a Potent Antifungal Agent That Inhibits the Growth of Cryptococcus neoformans by Regulating Gene Expression 방수현;권효정; 2014.10 PLoS ONE 9, 10, (e109863-1~e109863-11) Abstract

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