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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
345 Synthesis of 1,2-amino alcohols via catalytic C-H amidation of sp(3) methyl C-H bonds Taek Kang; 2014.10 Chemical communications 50, 81, (12073~12075) Abstract
344 KAISO, a critical regulator of p53-mediated transcription of CDKN1A and apoptotic genes Dong-In Koh; 2014.10 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 111, 42, (15078~15083) Abstract
343 Optogenetic activation of presynaptic inputs in lateral amygdala forms associative fear memory Jeong-Tae Kwon; 2014.10 Learning & memory 21, 11, (627~633) Abstract
342 Optogenetics reveals a role for accumbal medium spiny neurons expressing dopamine D2 receptors in cocaine-induced behavioral sensitization Shelly Sooyun Song; 2014.10 Frontiers in behavioral neuroscience 8, (1~11) Abstract
341 Correlations of amyloid-β concentrations between CSF and plasma in acute Alzheimer mouse model Cho Soo Min; 2014.10 Scientific Reports 4, (6777-1~6777-4) Abstract
340 9-O-butyl-13-(4-isopropylbenzyl)berberine, KR-72, Is a Potent Antifungal Agent That Inhibits the Growth of Cryptococcus neoformans by Regulating Gene Expression 방수현;권효정; 2014.10 PLoS ONE 9, 10, (e109863-1~e109863-11) Abstract
339 Development and evaluation of antimicrobial activated carbon fiber filters using Sophora flavescens nanoparticles Sim,Kyoung-Mi; 2014.09 The Science of the total environment 493, (291~297) Abstract
338 Novel N-biphenyl-2-ylmethyl 2-methoxyphenylpiperazinylalkanamides as 5-HT7R antagonists for the treatment of depression Youngjae Kim; 2014.09 Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry 22, 17, (4587~4596) Abstract
337 Novel quinazoline-urea analogues as modulators for Aβ-induced mitochondrial dysfunction: Design, synthesis, and molecular docking study Ahmed Mohammed ElKamhawy; 2014.09 European journal of medicinal chemistry 84, (466~475) Abstract
336 Inhibition of tau aggregation by a rosamine derivative that blocks tau intermolecular disulfide cross-linking MD. Mamunul Haque; 2014.09 Amyloid : The Journal of Protein Folding Disorders 21, 3, (185~190) Abstract

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