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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
442 Total Synthesis of (+/-)-Waihoensene Hongsoo Lee; 2017.07 Angewandte Chemie international edition 56, 28, (8254~8257) Abstract
441 Development of tau PET Imaging Ligands and their Utility in Preclinical and Clinical Studies Yoori Choi; 2017.06 Nuclear medicine and molecular imaging : NMMI , (1~7) Abstract
440 Astrocytic water channel aquaporin-4 modulates brain plasticity in both mice and humans: a potential gliogenetic mechanism underlying language-associated learning Jun Sung Woo;Jieun E. Kim;Jooyeon J Im; 2017.06 Molecular psychiatry 게재예정, (게재예정~) Abstract
439 A Potential PET Radiotracer for the 5-HT2C Receptor: Synthesis and in Vivo Evaluation of 4-(3-[F-18]fluorophenethoxy)pyrimidine Kim Juhyeon; 2017.05 ACS Chemical Neuroscience 8, 5, (996~1003) Abstract
438 Facile synthesis of 4 "-O-alkyl-(-)- EGCG derivatives through regioselective deacetylative alkylation Yujin Seo;Mi Kyoung Kim; 2017.04 Synthetic communications 47, 7, (655~659) Abstract
437 Discovery of 1-(3-(benzyloxy)pyridin-2-yl)-3-(2-(piperazin-1-yl)ethyl)urea: A new modulator for amyloid beta-induced mitochondrial dysfunction 아메드 엘캄하위;Park Jung eun; 2017.03 European journal of medicinal chemistry 128, (56~69) Abstract
436 Quercetin-glutamic acid conjugate with a non-hydrolysable linker; a novel scaffold for multidrug resistance reversal agents through inhibition of P-glycoprotein Mi Kyoung Kim;Yunyoung Kim; 2017.02 Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry 25, 3, (1219~1226) Abstract
435 Increased acetylation of Peroxiredoxin1 by HDAC6 inhibition leads to recovery of A beta-induced impaired axonal transport Heesun Choi; 2017.02 MOLECULAR NEURODEGENERATION 12, 23, (1~14) Abstract
434 Construction of the Azacyclic Core of Tabernaemontanine-Related Alkaloids via Tandem Reformatsky Aza-Claisen Rearrangement Young-Ger Suh; 2017.02 Journal of organic chemistry 82, 3, (1464~1470) Abstract
433 New potent biaryl sulfate-based hepatitis C virus inhibitors Youngsu You;Hee Sun Kim; 2017.01 European journal of medicinal chemistry 125, (87~100) Abstract

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