Nanobiotechnology(NBT) has significant potential for applications in newly developing high-tech industries. Already this technology has led to the creation of supporting industries in areas such as life sciences as well as medical applications and has given rise to intense international competition. Among various NBT subfields, the Center for BioMicrosystems at KIST has focused on nano-bio and MEMS technologies that can be applied to life sciences and medical areas. The Center is organized in two teams.

The Nano Bio System Lab has developed HTS (high throughput system) microfluidic chips, nano-bio sensors, and neural electrodes based on MEMS technology.

The Biorobotics and Nanomechatronics Lab constitute the second team working on the development of functional micro-robots based on Capsule Endoscopy and cell-robots, deep brain stimulation and neural signal recording for the neuroscience, characterization of bio-materials nanoscale using Atomic Force Microscopy, and bio-mimetic surface engineering.

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