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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
336 s Jung-Youn Shin;Kim, Hong Nam; 2017.05 Advanced Healthcare Materials , (1700155-1~1700155-13) Abstract
335 Partially Cured Photopolymer with Gradient Bingham Plastic Behaviors as a Versatile Deformable Material Rhokyun Kwak; 2017.05 ACS Macro Letters 6, 5, (561~565) Abstract
334 Prolonged stimulation with low-intensity ultrasound induces delayed increases in spontaneous hippocampal culture spiking activity Hyun-Bum Kim; 2017.03 Journal of neuroscience research 95, 3, (885~896) Abstract
333 3D tissue formation by stacking detachable cell sheets formed on nanofiber mesh Min Sung Kim;Byungjun Lee; 2017.03 BIOFABRICATION 9, 1, (015029-1~015029-10) Abstract
332 Efficient Direct Lineage Reprogramming of Fibroblasts into Induced Cardiomyocytes Using Nanotopographical Cues Junsang Yoo; 2017.03 Journal of biomedical nanotechnology 13, 3, (269~279) Abstract
331 Flow lithography in ultraviolet-curable polydimethylsiloxane microfluidic chips Jun-Beom,Kim; 2017.03 Biomicrofluidics 11, 2, (024120-1~024120-13) Abstract
330 Flexible and Highly Biocompatible Nanofiber-Based Electrodes for Neural Surface Interfacing Dong Nyoung Heo; 2017.03 ACS Nano 11, 3, (2961~2971) Abstract
329 Biofunctionalization of Nerve Interface via Biocompatible Polymer-Roughened Pt Black on Cuff Electrode for Chronic Recording Yi Jae Lee; 2017.03 Advanced Healthcare Materials 6, 6, (1601022-1~1601022-12) Abstract
328 Energy efficiency enhancement of electromembrane desalination systems by local flow redistribution optimized for the asymmetry of cation/anion diffusivity Bumjoo Kim;Siwon Choi; 2017.02 Journal of membrane science 524, (280~287) Abstract
327 Sheltering the perturbed vortical layer of electroconvection under shear flow Rhokyun Kwak; 2017.02 Journal of fluid mechanics 813, (799~823) Abstract

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