The Biomedical Research Institute at KIST has been established to promote the National Agenda on healthcare and welfare in order to deliver a better "Quality of Life."
The Institute is committed to integrating multidisciplinary technologies to develop innovative biomedical technologies and further ensure Korea’s future competitive advantage in biomedical research. To accomplish this, the Institute is not only concentrating on developing core technologies, but also focusing on translational researches for clinical applications. The Institute currently consists of three major research centers:

`The Center for Theragnosis : The Center aims to develop innovative molecular imaging and diagnostic technologies for early diagnosis, real-time monitoring and target-therapy in various incurable diseases in a personalized Medicare system.

`The Center for Bionics: The Center aims to develop cutting-edge rehabilitation technologies and medical/health care systems based on man-machine interfaces, robotics and intelligent interaction technologies, and further to provide better Quality of Life.

`The Center for Biomaterials: The Center aims to provide solid research results for the delivery of high-quality medical care for debilitating illness and disease. Research interests include tissue engineering, implantable medical devices, biocompatible materials and intelligent drug delivery system.

Our vision is to be recognized as a global leader in the biomedical research field and as a frontier national institute improving Quality of Life for the elderly and disabled.

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