The term‘bionics' is a composite of biology and electronics, but its concept reaches beyond referring to multidisciplinary research which includes biology, medicine and various engineering disciplines such as electrical, mechanical, chemical, and biomedical engineering. The goal of the Center is to develop neuro-interface based robot technologies to help people regain their cognitive and/or physical capabilities and to assist patients and doctors by providing better operating room environment.

The Center focuses on two major research areas: (1) Neuro-robotic Rehabilitation and (2) Computer-assisted Micro Surgical System. The Center pursues its goals not only by conducting research in these two areas, but also by cross-integrating IT, BT and NT for interdisciplinary endeavors. The Center for Bionics is working to become a world leader in developing original and fundamental technologies to improve the quality of life of the elderly and disabled people.

Research Teams

    • Neuro-Robotic Rehabilitation Team (Dr. Inchan Youn,
    • Medical IT Team (Dr. Deukhee Lee ,

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