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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
145 A methodology to quantitatively evaluate the safety of a glazing robot Lee Seung Yeol; 2011.03 Applied ergonomics 42, 3, (445~454) Abstract
144 Feedback controlled piezo-motor microdrive for accurate electrode positioning in chronic single unit recording in behaving mice Yang Sung Wook;Cho JeiWon; 2011.02 Journal of neuroscience methods 195, 2, (117~127) Abstract
143 Real Time, High Resolution Video Imaging of Apoptosis in Single Cells with a Polymeric Nanoprobe Seulki Lee; 2011.02 Bioconjugate chemistry 22, 2, (125~131) Abstract
142 Matrix Metalloproteinase Sensitive Gold Nanorod for Simultaneous Bioimaging and Photothermal Therapy of Cancer Sun, In-Cheol; 2010.12 Bioconjugate chemistry 21, 12, (2173~2177) Abstract
141 An improved multipurpose field robot for installing construction materials Lee Seung Yeol; 2010.12 Robotica 28, 07, (945~957) Abstract
140 Dial-Based Game Interface with Multi-modal Feedback Park Wan Joo; 2010.09 Lecture notes in computer science 6243, (389~396) Abstract
139 Compressed sensing based cone-beam computed tomography reconstruction with a first-order method Kihwan Choi; 2010.09 Medical physics 37, 9, (5113~5125) Abstract
138 Ranking Parameters based on Social Network for User-generated Video Contents Kim, Laehyun; 2010.09 Information 13, 5, (1~12) Abstract
137 Active locomotion of a paddling-based capsule endoscope in an invitro and in vivo experiment (with videos) Yang Sung Wook; 2010.08 Gastrointestinal endoscopy 72, 2, (381~387) Abstract
136 One step detection of matrix metalloproteinase activity using a fluorogenic peptide probe-immobilized diagnostic kit Ryu Ju Hee;Lee ae-Ju; 2010.07 Bioconjugate chemistry 21, (1378~1384) Abstract

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