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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
391 Cross-association analysis of EEG and EMG signals according to movement intention state Byeongnam Kim; 2017.08 Cognitive systems research [electronic resource] 44, (1~9) Abstract
390 EMG-Based Continuous and Simultaneous Estimation of Arm Kinematics in Able-Bodied Individuals and Stroke Survivors Jie Liu; 2017.08 Frontiers in neuroscience 11, 480, (1~11) Abstract
389 A novel cylindrical microwell featuring inverted-pyramidal opening for efficient cell spheroid formation without cell loss Jae Min Cha;Park HyungDal; 2017.08 BIOFABRICATION 9, 3, (035006-1~035006-14) Abstract
388 Serial Changes in 3-Dimensional Supraspinatus Muscle Volume After Rotator Cuff Repair Seok Won Chung; 2017.08 The American journal of sports medicine 45, 10, (2345~2354) Abstract
387 The Role of Heart-Rate Variability Parameters in Activity Recognition and Energy-Expenditure Estimation Using Wearable Sensors Park, Heesu;Dong, Suh-Yeon; 2017.07 Sensors 17, 7, (1698-1~1698-15) Abstract
386 Real-Time Neural Signal Sensing and Spike Sorting System Using Modified Zero-Crossing Feature with Highly Efficient Data Computation and Transmission Oh Sung Jin; 2017.07 Sensors and materials 29, 7, (1031~1042) Abstract
385 Non-invasive transmission of sensorimotor information in humans using an EEG/focused ultrasound brain-to-brain interface Wonhye Lee; 2017.06 PLoS ONE 12, 6, (1~20) Abstract
384 Fiber bundle-based integrated platform for wide-field fluorescence imaging and patterned optical stimulation for modulation of vasoconstriction in the deep brain of a living animal minkyung kim; 2017.06 Biomedical optics express[electronic resource]. 8, 6, (2781~2795) Abstract
383 Ankle Angle Estimation from Blind-Source-Separated Afferent Activity in the Sciatic Nerve for Closed-Loop Functional Neuromuscular Stimulation System Song, Kang-Il; 2017.04 IEEE transactions on bio-medical engineering / Bio-medical Engineering Group 64, 4, (834~843) Abstract
382 Automatic segmentation of supraspinatus from MRI by internal shape fitting and autocorrection Kim Sunhee; 2017.03 Computer methods and programs in biomedicine 140, (165~174) Abstract

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