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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
211 Biomechanical changes in the sclera of monkey eyes exposed to chronic IOP elevations Michael J.A. Girard; 2011.07 Investigative ophthalmology & visual science 52, 8, (5656~5669) Abstract
210 A Smart Movie Recommendation System Sang-Ki Ko; 2011.07 Lecture notes in computer science 6771, (558~566) Abstract
209 Needle Insertion Simulator with Haptic Feedback Shin, Seung-Jae; 2011.07 Lecture notes in computer science 6762, (119~124) Abstract
208 Tumor-homing photosensitizer-conjugated glycol chitosan nanoparticles for synchronous photodynamic imaging and therapy based on cellular on/off system Lee So Jin;Heebeom Koo; 2011.06 Biomaterials 32, 16, (4021~4029) Abstract
207 Finite Element Analysis of Mechanical Stability of Ceramic Acetabular Components and Evaluation of ROM in Articulating Hip Joints Han sung min; 2011.06 Journal of Biomechanical Science and Engineering 6, 3, (173~182) Abstract
206 A New Automatic Parameter Setting Method of a simplified PCNN for Image Segmentation Chen Yuli; 2011.06 IEEE transactions on neural networks / a publication of the IEEE Neural Networks Council 22, 6, (880~892) Abstract
205 Hydrophobicity and micro-/nanotribological properties of polymeric nanolines Pham Duc Cuong; 2011.05 Surface engineering : a joint publication of the Institute of Metals and the Wolfson Institute for Surface Engineering 27, 4, (286~293) Abstract
204 Nanoneedle Transistor-Based Sensors for the Selective Detection of Intracellular Calcium Ions Donghee Son;Sung Young Park;Byeongju Kim; 2011.05 ACS Nano 5, 5, (3888~3895) Abstract
203 Novel methods for 3D postoperative analysis of total knee arthroplasty using 2D-3D image registration Youngjun Kiim; 2011.05 Clinical biomechanics 26, 4, (384~391) Abstract
202 Comparative study of photosensitizer loaded and conjugated glycol chitosan nanoparticles for cancer therapy Lee So jin;Heebeom Koo; 2011.05 Journal of controlled release 152, 1, (21~29) Abstract

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