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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
128 Self-assembled glycol chitosan nanoparticles for the sustained and prolonged delivery of antiangiogenic small peptide drugs in cancer therapy Kim, Jong-Ho;Yoo-Shin Kim; 2008.04 Biomaterials 29, 12, (1920~1930) Abstract
127 Operating characteristics of the bump foil journal bearings with top foil bending phenomenon and correlation among bump foils LEE, YONG BOK; 2008.04 Tribology international 41, 4, (221~233) Abstract
126 Antitumor efficacy of cisplatin-loaded glycol chitosan nanoparticles in tumor-bearing mice Kim, Jong-Ho;Yoo-Shin Kim; 2008.04 Journal of controlled release : official journal of the Controlled Release Society 127, 1, (41~49) Abstract
125 Metal nanostructures fabricated by selective metal nanoscale etch method Lee, Byung Chul; 2008.03 Journal of experimental nanoscience 3, 1, (87~94) Abstract
124 On Human Resource Adaptability in an Agent-Based Virtual Organization Costin Badica; 2008.03 Studies in Computational Intelligence 134, (111~120) Abstract
123 Adaptive Information Provisioning in an Agent-Based Virtual Organization-ontologies in the System Michal Szymczak; 2008.03 Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence 4953, (271~280) Abstract
122 A near-infrared-fluorescence-quenched gold-nanoparticle imaging probe for in vivo drug screening and protease activity determination Seulki Lee;Eui-Joon Cha; 2008.02 Angewandte Chemie. international edition 47, 15, (2804~2807) Abstract
121 A biomechanical comparison of repair techniques in posterior type II superior labral anterior and posterior (SLAP) lesions Jae Chul Yoo; 2008.02 Journal of Shoulder Elbow Surgery 17, 1, (144~149) Abstract
120 PDMS micro bead cage reactor for the detection of alpha feto protein (AFP) Yongwon Jeong; 2008.01 Sensors and actuators. B, Chemical 128, 2, (349~358) Abstract
119 The Feed-Forward Controller of the Integrated System for Non-invasive Ultrasound Diagnosis and Treatment Norihiro Koizumi; 2008.01 Journal of Robotics and Mechatronics (JRM) 20, 1, (89~97) Abstract

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