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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
118 Microenvironment-Controlled Encapsulation (MiCE) Process: Effects of PLGA Concentration, Flow Rate, and Collection Method on Microcapsule Size and Morphology Snider, Connie; 2008.01 Pharmaceutical research 25, 1, (5~15) Abstract
117 The Feed-Forward Controller of the Integrated System for Non-invasive Ultrasound Diagnosis and Treatment Norihiro Koizumi; 2008.01 Journal of Robotics and Mechatronics (JRM) 20, 1, (89~97) Abstract
116 Effect of polymer molecular weight on the tumor targeting characteristics of self-assembled glycol chitosan nanoparticles Park Kyeong Soon; 2007.10 Journal of controlled release : official journal of the Controlled Release Society 122, (305~314) Abstract
115 Particle filtering on the Euclidean group: framework and applications Junghyun Kwon; 2007.10 Robotica 25, 6, (725~737) Abstract
114 Establishment of a fabrication method for a long-term actuated hybrid cell robot KIM, JINSEOK; 2007.10 Lab on a chip 7, 11, (1504~1508) Abstract
113 A Tangible User Interface with Mulitimodal Feedback LAEHYUN KIM; 2007.09 Lecture notes in computer science 4552, (94~103) Abstract
112 Micro pumping with cardiomyocyte-polymer hybrid Jungyul Park; 2007.09 Lab on a chip 7, 10, (1367~1370) Abstract
111 Adaptive Information Providing System for R&D Meeting Environments Rhee Sang Keun; 2007.09 Lecture notes in computer science 4558, (147~155) Abstract
110 Fiber-optic confocal microscope using a MEMS scanner and miniature objective lens Shin, Hyun Joon; 2007.07 Optics express 15, 15, (9113~9122) Abstract
109 Protein-Phosphorylation-Responsive Polymeric Nanoparticles for Imaging Protein Kinase Activities in Single Living Cells Kim, Jong-Ho; 2007.07 Angewandte Chemie. international edition 46, 30, (5779~5782) Abstract

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