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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
249 Fluorogenic nanoreactor assembly with boosted sensing kinetics for timely imaging of cellular hydrogen peroxide Heo Jungyun; 2016.01 Chemical communications 52, 6, (1131~1134) Abstract
248 Engineering Three Dimensional Micro Nerve Tissue Using Postnatal Stem Cells From Human Dental Apical Papilla Byung-Chul Kim;Sung-Min Jun; Biotechnology and Bioengineering 게재예정, 게재예, (게재예정~) Abstract
247 Anisotropic Patterning to Reduce Instability of Concentric-Tube Robots Dae-Young Lee; 2015.12 IEEE transactions on robotics 31, 6, (1311~1323) Abstract
246 Selective nanomanipulation of fluorescent polystyrene nano-beads and single quantum dots at gold nanostructures based on the AC-dielectrophoretic force Kim,Jinsik; 2015.12 Nanoscale 7, 47, (20277~20283) Abstract
245 Analysis of Time-Dependent Brain Network on Active and MI Tasks for Chronic Stroke Patients Da-hye Kim;Kim, Laehyun;Park, Wanjoo; 2015.12 PLoS ONE 10, 12) Abstract
244 A flexible multimodal tactile display for delivering shape and material information Simon Gallo; 2015.12 Sensors and actuators. A, Physical 236, (180~189) Abstract
243 Enhancing the sensitivity of a micro-diaphragm resonating sensor by effectively positioning the mass on the membrane Kim,Jinsik;Hye Jin Kim; 2015.11 Scientific Reports 5, 17069, (1~8) Abstract
242 Coculture of Primary Motor Neurons and Schwann Cells as a Model for In Vitro Myelination Hyung Su Jin ; 2015.10 Scientific Reports 5) Abstract
241 Timescale analysis for estimating upper limit perfusion rate in a microfluidic perfusion cell culture platform Joon-Ho Maeng;Hyo Eun Jeong; 2015.10 Microfluidics and Nanofluidics 19, 4, (777~786) Abstract
240 Functional and diffusion tensor magnetic resonance imaging of the sheep brain Wonhye Lee; 2015.10 BMC veterinary research 11, 1, (262~) Abstract

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