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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
241 Coculture of Primary Motor Neurons and Schwann Cells as a Model for In Vitro Myelination Hyung Su Jin ; 2015.10 Scientific Reports 5) Abstract
240 Timescale analysis for estimating upper limit perfusion rate in a microfluidic perfusion cell culture platform Joon-Ho Maeng;Hyo Eun Jeong; 2015.10 Microfluidics and Nanofluidics 19, 4, (777~786) Abstract
239 Functional and diffusion tensor magnetic resonance imaging of the sheep brain Wonhye Lee; 2015.10 BMC veterinary research 11, 1, (262~) Abstract
238 MICROSURGERY TRAINING USING A SMARTPHONE Dong Min Kim; 2015.09 Microsurgery 35, 6, (500~501) Abstract
237 Directed molecular assembly into a biocompatible photosensitizing nanocomplex for locoregional photodynamic therapy LEE, YOUNGDEOK;Cho Hong-Jun; 2015.07 Journal of controlled release 209, (12~19) Abstract
236 Development of a permanent magnet type micro-robot actuated by external electromagnetic system Park Chan; 2015.06 Microsystem technologies : sensors, actuators, systems integration 21, 6, (1257~1265) Abstract
235 Which motor cortical region best predicts imagined movement? Chan-hyun Pakr; 2015.06 NeuroImage 112, (101~110) Abstract
234 A time-course study of behavioral and electrophysiological characteristics in a mouse model of different stages of Parkinson's disease using 6-hydroxydopamine Sunghee Park;Song Kang-Il; 2015.05 Behavioural brain research 284, (153~157) Abstract
233 Study on Muscle Fatigue Measurement During Elbow Flexion-Extension Using EMG and OpenSim David Sang-Kun Chun; 2015.05 Researches and Applications in Mechanical Engineering 4) Abstract
232 Assessment of Cognitive Engagement in Stroke Patients From Single-Trial EEG During Motor Rehabilitation Park, Wanjoo; 2015.05 IEEE transactions on neural systems and rehabilitation engineering : a publication of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society 23, 3, (351~362) Abstract

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