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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
401 Predicting the in vivo accumulation of nanoparticles in tumor based on in vitro macrophage uptake and circulation in zebrafish Hyeyoun Chang;Ji Young Yhee; Journal of controlled release 온라인게재, (온라인게재~) Abstract
400 Numerical and experimental study of mechanisms involved in boiling histotripsy Ki Joo Pahk; 2017.12 ULTRASOUND IN MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY 43, 12, (2848~2861) Abstract
399 Improvement of Offaxis Neuromuscular Control under Slippery Conditions Following 6-week Pivoting Leg Neuromuscular Training Lee, Song Joo; 2017.11 IEEE transactions on neural systems and rehabilitation engineering : a publication of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society 25, 11, (2084~2093) Abstract
398 Human-eye-inspired soft optoelectronic device using high-density MoS2-graphene curved image sensor array Changsoon Choi; 2017.11 Nature Communications 8, (1664-1~1664-38) Abstract
397 Patient-Specific Augmentation Rhinoplasty Using a Three-Dimensional Simulation Program and Three-Dimensional Printing Yim Don Choi;Youngjun Kim; 2017.10 Aesthetic surgery journal / the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery 37, 9, (988~998) Abstract
396 Wearable Electrocardiogram Monitor Using Carbon Nanotube Electronics and Color-Tunable Organic Light-Emitting Diodes Ja Hoon Koo; 2017.10 ACS Nano 11, 10, (10032~10041) Abstract
395 3D Boolean operations in virtual surgical planning Jerome Charton; 2017.10 International journal of computer assisted radiology and surgery 12, 10, (1697~1709) Abstract
394 STAMPS: development and verification of swallowing kinematic analysis software Woo Hyung Lee; 2017.10 BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING ONLINE 16, 120, (1~12) Abstract
393 Enhanced markerless surgical robotic guidance system for keyhole neurosurgery SIYEOP YOON; 2017.09 JOURNAL OF ADVANCED MECHANICAL DESIGN SYSTEMS AND MANUFACTURING 11, 4, (1700017-1~1700017-15) Abstract
392 Boolean operations between two colliding shells: a robust, exact, and simple method Jerome Charton; 2017.09 JOURNAL OF ADVANCED MECHANICAL DESIGN SYSTEMS AND MANUFACTURING 11, 4, (16-00645-1~16-00645-14) Abstract

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