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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
256 부분의치환자의 수면무호흡증 개선용 하악 전방 이동장치의 최적설계 Park Si-Myung; 2018.06 대한기계학회논문집 A = Transactions of the Korean Society of mechanical engineers. A. 42, 6, (591~598) Abstract
255 Microwell-mediated cell spheroid formation and its applications Yu-Shik Hwang;KIM, JINSEOK; 2018.01 Macromolecular research 26, 1, (1~8) Abstract
254 Three-Dimensional Evaluation of Similarity of Right and Left Knee Joints Ki-Mo Jang; 2017.12 Knee Surgery & Related Research 29, 4, (307~315) Abstract
253 Development of a transportability evaluation system using swept path analysis and multi-body dynamic simulation Hyun-Tae Hwang; 2017.11 Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology 31, 11, (5359~5365) Abstract
252 Development of a Surgical Navigation System for Corrective Osteotomy Based on Augmented Reality Bong Jae Hwan; 2017.07 International Journal of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing 18, 7, (1057~1062) Abstract
251 Virtual Reality and 3D Printing for Craniopagus Surgery Gayoung Kim; 2017.06 Journal of International Society for Simulation Surgery 4, 1, (9~12) Abstract
250 Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in Plastic Surgery: A Review Youngjun Kim; 2017.05 Archives of Plastic Surgery 44, 3, (179~187) Abstract
249 Optimization of Layout and Path Planning of Surgical Robotic System Nguyen Quoc Cuong; 2017.02 International Journal of Control, Automation and Systems 15, 1, (375~384) Abstract
248 A Process Integrated Engineering Knowledge Acquisition and Management Model for a Project based Manufacturing Jinteck Han; 2017.02 International Journal of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing 18, 2, (175~185) Abstract
247 A review of low-intensity focused ultrasound for neuromodulation Hongchae Baek;Ki Joo Pahk; 2017.01 Biomedical Engineering Letters , (1~8) Abstract

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