Numerous advances made in the scientific and medical fields have pushed up the average life expectancy close to 70 years old. Accordingly, an emphasis on the quality of life has been made and brought to the forefront by experts spanning various fields. At the Center for Biomaterials (CBM), we strive to improve the quality of life through the concept of personalized medicine. We seek pivotal strategies for the regeneration or replacement of damaged and malfunctioning body tissues using a multitude of methods, not limited to the following: 1) Tissue engineering and stem cells, 2) Biocompatible and biofunctional biomaterials, 3) Quantitative nano-diagnostic technology, 4) Diagnostic and clinical drug-delivery systems, and 5) Cryo system-based biomimetics.

The wide spectrum of research fields demands an appropriately diverse group of scientists with expertise in fields such as material/device engineering, polymer chemistry, biology, chemistry, pharmaceutics, and immunology. The CBM fosters a highly collaborative environment, in which researchers aim to develop innovative biomedical core technology geared towards tackling concerns that stem from an aging society, such as cancer and diseases of the cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems.

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