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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
820 Predicting the in vivo accumulation of nanoparticles in tumor based on in vitro macrophage uptake and circulation in zebrafish Hyeyoun Chang;Ji Young Yhee; Journal of controlled release 온라인게재, (온라인게재~) Abstract
819 Thrombin-activatable fluorescent peptide incorporated gold nanoparticles for dual optical/computed tomography thrombus imaging Sung-Pil Kwon;Sangmin Jeon; 2018.01 Biomaterials 150, (125~136) Abstract
818 Identification of plasma membrane glycoproteins specific to human glioblastoma multiforme cells using lectin arrays and LC-MS/MS Park Yaeeun; 2018.01 Proteomics 18, 1, (1~14) Abstract
817 In situ cross-linkable hyaluronic acid hydrogels using copper free click chemistry for cartilage tissue engineering Sang-Soo Han;Hong Yeol Yoon; 2018.01 Polymer Chemistry 9, 1, (20~27) Abstract
816 Ferritin nanocage with intrinsically disordered proteins and affibody: A platform for tumor targeting with extended pharmacokinetics Na Kyeong Lee;Eun Jung Lee; 2017.12 Journal of controlled release 267, S1, (172~180) Abstract
815 Nano-sized metabolic precursors for heterogeneous tumor-targeting strategy using bioorthogonal click chemistry in vivo Sangmin Lee;Seulhee Jung; 2017.12 Biomaterials 148, (1~15) Abstract
814 Bile acid transporter mediated endocytosis of oral bile acid conjugated nanocomplex PARK JUHO;Jeong Uk Choi; 2017.12 Biomaterials 147, (145~154) Abstract
813 Synergistic antitumor effects of combination treatment with metronomic doxorubicin and VEGF-targeting RNAi nanoparticles kwak gi-jung;Jo Sung duk; 2017.12 Journal of controlled release 267, S1, (203~213) Abstract
812 Unique binding mode of Evogliptin with human dipeptidyl peptidase IV Lee Hyung Ki; 2017.12 Biochemical and biophysical research communications 494, 3-4, (452~459) Abstract
811 Effects of tumor microenvironments on targeted delivery of glycol chitosan nanoparticles Ji Young Yhee;Sangmin Jeon; 2017.12 Journal of controlled release 267, S1, (223~231) Abstract

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