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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
787 Predicting the in vivo accumulation of nanoparticles in tumor based on in vitro macrophage uptake and circulation in zebrafish Hyeyoun Chang;Ji Young Yhee; Journal of controlled release 온라인게재, (온라인게재~) Abstract
786 Radiotherapy-assisted tumor selective metronomic oral chemotherapy Seung Woo Chung; 2017.11 International journal of cancer: Journal international du cancer 141, 9, (1912~1920) Abstract
785 Processing of syndecan-2 by matrix metalloproteinase-14 and effect of its cleavage on VEGF-induced tube formation of HUVECs Young Hun Lee; 2017.11 The Biochemical journal 474, 22, (3719~3732) Abstract
784 Rolling circle transcription-based polymeric siRNA nanoparticles for tumor-targeted delivery Jae Hyeop Lee;Sook Hee Ku; 2017.10 Journal of controlled release 263, S1, (29~38) Abstract
783 In silico probing and biological evaluation of SETDB1/ESET-targeted novel compounds that reduce tri-methylated histone H3K9 (H3K9me3) level Insun Park;Yu Jin Hwang; 2017.10 Journal of computer-aided molecular design 31, 10, (877~889) Abstract
782 Superparamagnetic Gold Nanoparticles Synthesized on Protein Particle Scaffolds for Cancer Theragnosis Koo Chul Kwon; 2017.10 Advanced materials 29, 38, (1701146-1~1701146-9) Abstract
781 Inflammatory hypoxia induces syndecan-2 expression through IL-1 beta-mediated FOXO3a activation in colonic epithelia Sojoong Choi;Heesung Chung; 2017.09 The FASEB journal : official publication of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology 31, 4, (1516~1530) Abstract
780 Effects of tumor microenvironments on targeted delivery of glycol chitosan nanoparticles Ji Young Yhee;Sangmin Jeon; 2017.09 Journal of controlled release 게재예정, (게재예정~) Abstract
779 Xk-related protein 8 regulates myoblast differentiation and survival Go-Woon Kim; 2017.09 FEBS Journal 게재예정, (게재예정~) Abstract
778 In vivo stem cell tracking with imageable nanoparticles that bind bioorthogonal chemical receptors on the stem cell surface Sangmin Lee;Hwa In Yoon; 2017.09 Biomaterials 139, (12~29) Abstract

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