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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
506 Bio-organic-inorganic hybrid photocatalyst, TiO2 and glucose oxidase composite for enhancing antibacterial performance in aqueous environments Kim Byoung Chan; 2019.03 Applied catalysis B, Environmental 242, (194~201) Abstract
505 Statistical optimization of preparing marine macroalgae derived activated carbon/iron oxide magnetic composites for sequestering acetylsalicylic acid from aqueous media using response surface methodologys Jung, Kyung-Won; 2019.01 Chemosphere 215, (432~443) Abstract
504 Potential impact of pore-scale incomplete mixing on biodegradation in aquifer: From batch experiment to field-scale modeling Peter K. Kang; 2019.01 Advances in water resources 123, (1~11) Abstract
503 Strong chromate-adsorbent based on pyrrolic nitrogen structure: An experimental and theoretical study on the adsorption mechanism Ko Young Jin;Keunsu Choi;Soonjae Lee; 2018.11 Water research 145, (287~296) Abstract
502 Ionic-liquid-derived nitrogen-doped carbon electrocatalyst for peroxide generation and divalent iron regeneration: Its application for removal of aqueous organic compounds Ko Young Jin;Hee-gon Kim; 2018.11 ACS sustainable chemistry & engineering 6, 11, (14857~14865) Abstract
501 Binder-free immobilization of TiO2 photocatalyst on steel mesh via electrospraying and hot-pressing and its application for organic micropollutant removal and disinfection Subramaniya Pillai Ramasundaram; 2018.10 Journal of hazardous materials 360, (62~70) Abstract
500 Degradation of organic compounds in actual wastewater by electro-Fenton process and evaluation of energy consumption Hee-gon Kim;Ko Young Jin; 2018.10 Water, air, and soil pollution 229, 335, (1~10) Abstract
499 Effects of salinity on nitrification efficiency and bacterial community structure in a nitrifying osmotic membrane bioreactor JEONG DAWOON; 2018.10 Process biochemistry 73, (132~141) Abstract
498 Negligible seeding source effect on the final ANAMMOX community under steady and high nitrogen loading rate after enrichment using poly(vinyl alcohol) gel carriers Cho Kyungjin; 2018.10 Chemosphere 208, (21~30) Abstract
497 Photosynthetic Microalgae-Mediated Transformation of Hexahydro-1,3,5-Trinitro-1,3,5-Triazine under Initially Anaerobic Conditions Yun Ho Hwang; 2018.09 Environmental Progress & Sustainable Energy 37, 5, (1677~1683) Abstract

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