The mission of the Center for Environment, Health and Welfare Research is to achieve national goals by developing sustainable technologies that will realize the creation of green-city life. The main focus of the center is to develop fundamental technologies such as 1) monitoring urban/indoor air pollution and modeling, 2) diagnosing hazardous urban pollutants and control, and 3) managing urban environment conditions through integrated network technology. As a leading research institute with a mission to tackle issues of global environment, health and welfare, our emphasis is placed on practical, cooperative research that involves industries, academia and other research institutes. To accomplish our mission, we are working continuously on self-development and to find ways to contribute to the enhancement of KIST.

Research Teams

  • Air Pollution monitoring and Modeling Team (Drs. Bae Gwi-nam, Kim Jin-young, Lee Seung-bok, Mr. Jin Hyoun-cher)
  • Diagnosis and Control of urban Hazardous Urban Pollutants Research Team(Drs. Jung Jongsoo, Kim Byoung-chan, Jung Jaehee )
  • Integrated Environmental Network Technology Team (to be organized)

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