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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
353 Washable antimicrobial polyester/aluminum air filter with a high capture efficiency and low pressure drop Dong Yun Choi;Ki Joon Heo; 2018.06 Journal of hazardous materials 351, (29~37) Abstract
352 Vegetation-cloud feedbacks to future vegetation changes in the Arctic regions Mee-Hyun Cho; 2018.05 Climate dynamics 50, 9-10, (3745~3755) Abstract
351 Influence of intense secondary aerosol formation and long-range transport on aerosol chemistry and properties in the Seoul Metropolitan Area during spring time: results from KORUS-AQ Kim, Hwajin; 2018.05 Atmospheric chemistry and physics 18, 10, (7149~7168) Abstract
350 The development of paper discs immobilized with luciferase/D-luciferin for the detection of ATP from airborne bacteria Dung T. Nguyen; 2018.05 Sensors and actuators. B, Chemical 260, (274~281) Abstract
349 Characterization of PM2.5 and identification of transported secondary and biomass burning contribution in Seoul, Korea Yumi Kim; 2018.02 ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND POLLUTION RESEARCH 25, 5, (4330~4343) Abstract
348 Oxidation of gaseous formaldehyde with ozone over MnOx/TiO2 catalysts at room temperature (25 oC) Kim min su; 2018.02 Powder technology 325, (368~372) Abstract
347 Concentration Variations in Particulate Matter in Seoul Associated with Asian Dust and Smog Episodes Young Sung Ghim; 2017.12 Aerosol and air quality research 17, 12, (3128~3140) Abstract
346 Low-temperature regeneration of novel polymeric adsorbent on decamethylcyclopentasiloxane (D5) removal for cost-effective purification of biogases from siloxane HYOUN DUK JUNG; 2017.10 Renewable energy 111, (718~723) Abstract
345 Electrospun magnetic nanoparticle-decorated nanofiber filter and its applications to high-efficiency air filtration KIM JU YOUNG;Hong, Seung Chan; 2017.10 Environmental science & technology 51, 20, (11967~11975) Abstract
344 Application of organic-inorganic hybrid composite particle for removal of heavy metal ions from aqueous solution and its toxicity evaluation Soonjae Lee;Nahae Kim;Seulki Cho; 2017.10 European polymer journal 95, (335~347) Abstract

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