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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
245 Friction loss and energy recovery of a Pelton turbine for different spear positions Heungsu Jeon; 2018.08 Renewable energy 123, (273~280) Abstract
244 Analytic Solution to Predict the Outlet Air States of a Desiccant Wheel with an Arbitary Split Ratio Kang, Hyungmook; 2018.06 Energy 153, (301~310) Abstract
243 Numerical Study of Cage Dynamics Focused on Hydrodynamic Effects of Guidance Land Clearances for Different Ball-Pocket Clearances in Cryogenic Environments Choe, Bok Seong; 2018.04 Journal of engineering for gas turbines and power 140, 4, (042502~) Abstract
242 Electrorheological properties of algae dispersed suspension: New application of harmful algae Chun Young Sang; 2018.02 Colloids and surfaces. A, Physicochemical and engineering aspects 539, (354~363) Abstract
241 Start-up behaviour of a combined air-conditioning system in coolingand heating operating modes Jongsoo Jeong; 2018.01 Energy and buildings 158, (1346~1357) Abstract
240 Design of negative electrorheological materials inspired by electrophoretic separation of biomolecules Do Taegu; 2017.12 Journal of materials chemistry. C, Materials for optical and electronic devices 5, 45, (11683~11693) Abstract
239 Hydrodynamic design and performance testing of Pelton-type energy recovery turbine for pressure-retarded osmosis systems Park Joo Hoon; 2017.12 Desalination and Water Treatment 99, (132~139) Abstract
238 Performance Prediction of Centrifugal Compressor for Drop-In Testing Using Low Gobal WarmingPotential Alternative Refrigerants and PerformanceTest Codes Park Joo Hoon; 2017.12 ENERGIES 10, 2043, (1~22) Abstract
237 Low-temperature regeneration of novel polymeric adsorbent on decamethylcyclopentasiloxane (D5) removal for cost-effective purification of biogases from siloxane HYOUN DUK JUNG; 2017.10 Renewable energy 111, (718~723) Abstract
236 Theoretical method of selecting number of buckets for the design and verification of a Pelton turbine Jeong-Won Kim; 2017.09 Journal of hydraulic research: Journal de recherches hydrauliques 55, 5, (1354933-1~1354933-11) Abstract

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