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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
251 Effective latent heat thermal energy storage system using thin flexible pouches 2019.02 Sustainable Cities and Society 45, (143~150) Abstract
250 Switchable electrorheological activity of polyacrylonitrile microspheres by thermal treatment: from negative to positive Taegu Do; 2018.11 Soft Matter 14, 44, (8912~8923) Abstract
249 Performance enhancement of heat recovery from engine exhaust gas using corona wind Shin Dong Ho; 2018.10 Energy conversion and management 173, (210~218) Abstract
248 Analysis of thermal flow around heat sink with ioinc wind for high-power LED Shin Dong Ho; 2018.10 Applied thermal engineering 143, (376~384) Abstract
247 Development of a calorific value controller using bimetal fin channel for PCM heat storage Shin Dong Ho; 2018.10 Energy conversion and management 173, (508~515) Abstract
246 Friction loss and energy recovery of a Pelton turbine for different spear positions Heungsu Jeon; 2018.08 Renewable energy 123, (273~280) Abstract
245 Analytic Solution to Predict the Outlet Air States of a Desiccant Wheel with an Arbitary Split Ratio Kang, Hyungmook; 2018.06 Energy 153, (301~310) Abstract
244 Numerical Study of Cage Dynamics Focused on Hydrodynamic Effects of Guidance Land Clearances for Different Ball-Pocket Clearances in Cryogenic Environments Choe, Bok Seong; 2018.04 Journal of engineering for gas turbines and power 140, 4, (042502~) Abstract
243 Analysis of counter flow of corona wind for heat transfer enhancement Shin Dong Ho; 2018.03 Heat and mass transfer : Wärme- und Stoffübertragung 54, 3, (841~854) Abstract
242 Electrorheological properties of algae dispersed suspension: New application of harmful algae Chun Young Sang; 2018.02 Colloids and surfaces. A, Physicochemical and engineering aspects 539, (354~363) Abstract

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