The Center for Energy Convergence has been established to with a purpose of creating a green city that is self-sufficient in terms of energy utilizing research of energy convergence technology based on electrochemistry and engineering. The Center conducts basic and applied research for high performance green building, zero-emission vehicle and portable devices, human interface technology, unified energy conversion-storage devices with novel concept, energy convergence research & application, and materials research for energy storage and conversion. These research areas can be characterized as a crossover technology between electrochemistry, nano, and processing technologies. Major topics of our research includes electrode materials for energy conversion/storage system, electrolyte, thin film secondary batteries, clean electroplating, thin film electroplating process, environment related process based on electrochemical techniques, CO2 conversion technology, carbon materials, portable fuel cell, and other related research topics.

Research Teams

  • Dr. Lee Joong-kee: Lithium Ion Capacitors, Lithim Secondary Batteries, Nano-structured Materials, Interface Control Technologies, Smart Windows, Chemical Vapor Deposition Technologies, Advanced Energy Materials Processing Laboratory (
  • Dr. Kim Chang-sam: Powder Synthesis and Surface Modification Technology, Solid Electrolytes, Solid Oxide Fuel Cells, Advanced Energy Materials Processing Laboratory
  • Dr. Choi Wonchang: Secondary Batteries, Sodium Ion Batteries, Synthesis for Energy Storage Materials, Solid State Chemistry, Advanced Energy Materials Processing Laboratory Research Teams
  • Dr. Cho Byung-won: Secondary Batteries, Energy Convergence, Electrochemistry, Electroplating, Hydrogen Generation
  • Dr. Cho Won-il: Novel Battery Systems and Electrode Materials, Thin Film Fabrication and Analysis, Chemical Sensors, Corrosion
  • Dr. Kim Hyung-sun: Lithium Secondary Battery, Polymer Electrolyte, Electrode Material, Battery Evaluation
  • Dr. Ha Heung-yong: Carbon materials, Portable Fuel Cell, Capacitors, CO2 Conversion Technologies
  • Dr. Chung Kyung-yoon: Electrochemistry, Secondary Batteries, Energy Storage Materials, Synchrotron based X-ray Techniques
  • Dr. Chang Wonyoung: Electrochemistry, Secondary Batteries, Materials Characterization
  • Dr. Oh Si-hyoung: Energy Conversion & Storage Device, Electrochemical Sensors

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