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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
759 Improved performance of dual-conducting polymer-coated sulfur composite with high sulfur utilization for lithium-sulfur batteries Jeong Tae Gyung;Lee yoon-sung; 2018.04 Journal of alloys and compounds 742, (868~876) Abstract
758 A Novel approach for forming carbon nanorods on the surface of carbon felt electrode by catalytic etching for high-performance vanadium redox flow battery Saleem Abbas;Hyuk Lee; 2018.03 Carbon 128, (31~37) Abstract
757 Study on a stretchable, fiber-shaped, and TiO2 nanowire array-based dye-sensitized solar cell with electrochemical impedance spectroscopy method Liu Guicheng;Hui Wang;Manxiang Wang; 2018.03 Electrochimica acta 267, (34~40) Abstract
756 Effect of pulse electrodeposition parameters on electrocatalytic the activity of methanol oxidation and morphology of Pt/C catalyst for direct methanolfuel cells Feng Ye; 2018.03 Energy conversion and management 160, (85~92) Abstract
755 Microporous ceramic coated separators with superior wettability for enhancing the electrochemical performance of sodium-ion batteries Yustian Suharto; 2018.02 Journal of power sources 376, (184~190) Abstract
754 Revealing the Reaction Mechanism of Na-O2 Batteries using Environmental Transmission Electron Microscopy Won-Jin Kwak; 2018.02 ACS energy letters 3, 2, (393~399) Abstract
753 Highly efficient and stable organic additive for positive electrolyte in vanadium redox flow battery: Taurine biomolecule containing ?NH2 and ?SO3H functional groups Jinyeon Hwang; 2018.02 Journal of materials chemistry. A, Materials for energy and sustainability 6, (4695~4705) Abstract
752 Strategic combination of Grignard reagents and allyl-functionalized ionic liquids as an advanced electrolyte for rechargeable magnesium batteries Boeun Lee; 2018.02 Journal of materials chemistry. A, Materials for energy and sustainability 6, 7, (3126~3133) Abstract
751 Synergistic effect of nano-Pt and Ni spine for HER in alkaline solution:hydrogen spillover from nano-Pt to Ni spine ABBAS SYED ASAD; 2018.02 Scientific Reports 8, 2986, (1~9) Abstract
750 Ultrasonic spray pyrolysis synthesis of reduced graphene oxide/anatase TiO2 composite and its application in the photocatalytic degradation of methylene blue in water Park Jeong Ann; 2018.01 Chemosphere 191, (738~746) Abstract

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