Global deficit in natural resources and increasing demand for environment-friendly technologies have created the need for sustainable materials operating at high temperature in order to improve the overall efficiency of energy-relevant applications. In such applications, energy efficiency and system performance are often limited by physical and chemical properties of component materials.

At the High Temperature Energy Materials Center, key materials are thus developed for outstanding performance and long-term operation at high temperature in various energy applications. Specific application areas include solid oxide fuel cell, hydrogen generation/separation/storage, and heat-resistant structural materials for power plants.

The research activities cover the overall range of composition design, microstructure control, and characterization of ceramic, metal, and composite materials. The center's expertise lie in materials design based on computational materials science, fabrication of composite powders and dense/porous multi-layer ceramics, and characterization such as crystallograhic/microstructural analysis by synchrotron radiation and electron microscope and electrochemical analysis of solid interfacial reactions.

Research Teams

  • Ceramic group (Ms. Kim Hae-ryoung,
  • Metal group (Dr. Choi Insuk,

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