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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
803 Key characteristics of a hydrocarbon-fueled solid oxide fuel cell examined by local thermodynamic states Lee Sanghyeok; 2018.10 Energy conversion and management 174, (565~578) Abstract
802 Computer-aided alloy designs of grade 600 MPa reinforced steel bars for seismic safety based on thermodynamic and kinetic calculations: Overview SHIM, JAE-HYEOK; 2018.09 CALPHAD, computer coupling of phase diagrams and thermochemistry 62, 1, (67~74) Abstract
801 Collateral hydrogenation over proton-conducting Ni/BaZr0.85Y0.15O3?δ catalysts for promoting CO2 methanation CHOI SUNG JUN; 2018.09 RSC advances 8, (32095~32101) Abstract
800 Thermally induced S-sublattice transition of Li3PS4 for fast lithium-ion conduction Ji-Su Kim; 2018.09 Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 9, (5592~5597) Abstract
799 High-Performance Protonic Ceramic Fuel Cells with 1 um Thick Y:Ba(Ce, Zr)O3 Electrolytes Kiho Bae; 2018.09 Advanced Energy Materials 8, 25, (1801315-1~1801315-4) Abstract
798 Praseodymium doped ceria as electrolyte material for IT-SOFC applications Ahn Junsung;Parvathi Nair; 2018.09 Materials chemistry and physics 216, (136~142) Abstract
797 Highly durable solid oxide fuel cells: suppressing chemical degradation via rational design of a diffusion-blocking layer Lee Seung-Hwan; 2018.08 Journal of materials chemistry. A, Materials for energy and sustainability 31, 6, (15083~15094) Abstract
796 Synthesis of Mg2FeH6 by hydrogenation of Mg/Fe powder mixture prepared by cold roll milling in air: Effects of microstructure and oxygen distribution Jee Yun Jung; 2018.08 International journal of hydrogen energy 43, 34, (16758~16765) Abstract
795 Three-dimensional thermal stress analysis of the re-oxidized Ni-YSZ anode functional layer in solid oxide fuel cells Jun Woo Kim; 2018.07 Journal of alloys and compounds 752, (148~154) Abstract
794 Quantitative analysis of microstructures and reaction interfaces on composite cathodes in all-solid-state batteries using a three-dimensional reconstruction technique CHOI SUNG JUN; 2018.07 ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 10, 28, (23740~23747) Abstract

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