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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
812 Synthesis and investigation on stability and electrical conductivity of Ti-doped Ba3CaTa2-xTixO9 (0 < x < 1.0) complex oxides Shivendra Kumar Jaiswal; 2019.02 Journal of alloys and compounds 775, (736~741) Abstract
811 Sintered powder-base cathode over vacuum-deposited thin-film electrolyte of low-temperature solid oxide fuel cell: Performance and stability Park Jung hoon; 2019.02 Electrochimica acta 296, 10, (1055~1063) Abstract
810 Electrochemical analysis of high-performance protonic ceramic fuel cells based on a columnar-structured thin electrolyte Choi Sung Min;An Hyeg Soon; 2019.01 Applied energy 233, 1, (29~36) Abstract
809 Disorder induced polymorphic transitions in the high hydrogen density compound Sr(BH4)2(NH3BH3)2 Mathias Jørgensen; 2018.12 Dalton transactions 47, 46, (16737~16746) Abstract
808 Comprehensive Understanding of Cathodic and Anodic Polarization Effects on Stability of Nanoscale Oxygen Electrode for Reversible Solid Oxide Cells Choi Sung Min; 2018.11 ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 10, 46, (39608~39614) Abstract
807 Key characteristics of a hydrocarbon-fueled solid oxide fuel cell examined by local thermodynamic states Lee Sanghyeok; 2018.10 Energy conversion and management 174, (565~578) Abstract
806 Performance assessment of a hybrid SOFC/MGT cogeneration power plant fed by syngas from a biomass down-draft gasifier Alessandra Perna; 2018.10 Applied energy 227, (80~91) Abstract
805 Highly conducting fibrous carbon-coated silicon alloy anode for lithium ion batteries Jang ju young; 2018.10 Applied surface science 454, (277~283) Abstract
804 A 5 x 5 cm(2) protonic ceramic fuel cell with a power density of 1.3 W cm(-2) at 600 degrees C An Hyeg Soon; 2018.10 Nature energy 3, 10, (870~875) Abstract
803 Computer-aided alloy designs of grade 600 MPa reinforced steel bars for seismic safety based on thermodynamic and kinetic calculations: Overview SHIM, JAE-HYEOK; 2018.09 CALPHAD, computer coupling of phase diagrams and thermochemistry 62, 1, (67~74) Abstract

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