• Research to identify the bio marker for new diseases through the analysis of samples obtained from p

    Research to identify the bio marker for new diseases through the analysis of samples obtained from p

    Date 2013-01-14

  • Research to identify the bio marker for new diseas..
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Chemical Biology & Information Study

  • Research into the synthesis and application of probe library through organic chemical approach
  • Research into the compound sensor and probe design based on X-ray analysis of protein, NMR structure, amino acid sequence information
  • Development of various mathematic algorithm and system network for Big Data analysis
  • Development of sensor for the profiling research of large-scale organism information
  • Research on the time-series omics data pattern and diagnostic techniques based on diseases


  • Technology for quantitative analysis of various metabolome, using the mass spectrometer
  • Technology for drug high-efficiency search, using the metabolome monitoring
  • Research on the functions of metabolome
  • Measurement of the excretion ratio of metabolic products related to various diseases
  • Acquisition of essential information for the diagnosis of diseases & development of treatment drugs
  • Research on Xenobiotics related to the environment-related diseases
  • Research on drug metabolism, pharmacokinetics, and pharmacometabolomics

Research on Proteomic Signal

  • Research on the functions of proteome and peptidome
  • Research on interaction and network of signal transduction system within the living body
  • Research on the technique for high-efficiency analysis of peptidomics(HTS: High Throughput Screening)
  • Proteomics Research on the Autologous Blood Transfusion (ABT) analytical technique using the proteomics technique
  • Analysis of bio-system using the genome, proteomic, and metabolome data
  • Development of the bio-molecular analysis based on CE and MS data

Pharmacological/toxicity evaluation technology

  • Evaluation on the efficacy of physiological activation material, using the cell-based assay
  • Realizing the platform technology through the development of in vitro assay and protocol
  • Absorption of the target compounds
  • Research into the in vivo dynamics of drug through the examination of distribution, metabolism, excretion, etc
  • Research into the pharmacological/toxicity activation and mechanism of compounds using the experimental disease model
  • Research into general acute/sub-acute toxicity and neurotoxicity of compounds

Nano Material

  • Development of light-emitting nano materials & biomarker assay using the light-emitting nano materials
  • Synthesis and application of nanoparticles/composites including semiconductor, magnetic, and up-conversion nanoparticles
  • Synthesis of magnetic nano particles and cofocal & application of bio imaging
  • Research into the surface modification of nano composite
  • Design/synthesis, and application of multifunctional nano composites
  • Research into the synthesis of up-conversion nano particles and light-emitting devices

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