Fuel Cell Research Center was founded in May 1987 aiming for commercialization of fuel cell systems. Since then, the center has been devoted for fuel cell research as a leading figure in Korea for several decades, focusing on the development of versatile fuel cell systems which can be applicable to power generation, transportation, and even portable applications as well as hydrogen production and storage technologies. There are currently 15 PhD-level senior/principal staff researchers in charge of on-going projects, 3 master-level staff researchers, 2 technicians, and 60 post-doc. and student researchers.

Research Teams

  • High-temperature Fuel Cell Research Team (Dr. Yoon Sung-pil)
  • Low-temperature Fuel Cell Research Team (Dr. Kim Hyoung-juhn)
  • Hydrogen Production/Storage Research Team (Dr. Han Jonghee)

Vision & Objective

Fuel cells belong to core technologies for the accomplishment of hydrogen energy economy. Along with the vision to create new industries and contribute to the national energy security, the center has been actively involved in development of fuel cell systems for commercialization. By concentrating its research efforts to attain its economic feasibility, reliability, and durability, the center is trying to develop essential core break-through technologies for fuel cells, thereby reinforcing the relevant industries ultimately.


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