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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
587 Computational and experimental design of active and durable Ir-based nanoalloy for electrochemical oxygen reduction reaction Cho,Jinwon; 2018.11 Applied catalysis B, Environmental 235, (177~185) Abstract
586 Porous-Nafion/PBI composite membranes and Nafion/PBI blend membranes for Vanadium Jung Mina; 2018.08 Applied surface science 450, (301~311) Abstract
585 Effects of Methacrylate based Amphiphilic Block Copolymer Additives on Ultra Filtration PVDF Membrane Formation Park Sang Hee;Ahn yeojin; 2018.08 Separation and purification technology 202, (34~44) Abstract
584 Polybenzimidazole (PBI-OO) based composite membranes using sulfophenylated TiO2 as both filler and crosslinker, and their use in the HT-PEM fuel cell N. Nambi Krishnan;Sangrae Lee; 2018.08 Journal of membrane science 560, (11~20) Abstract
583 Electrodeposited molybdenum sulfide as a cathode for proton exchange membrane water electrolyzer Jung Hwan Kim; 2018.07 Journal of power sources 392, (69~78) Abstract
582 Early-stage performance evaluation of flowing microbial fuel cells using chemically treated carbon felt and yeast biocatalyst Marcelinus Christwardana;Domenico Frattini; 2018.07 Applied energy 222, (369~382) Abstract
581 Aqueous-synthesis of metal hydroxide nanoplates and platinum/nickel hydroxide hybrid nanostructures for enhancing the electrocatalytic properties Euiyoung Jung;Hee-Young Park; 2018.06 Applied catalysis B, Environmental 225, (238~242) Abstract
580 Anion-conductive membranes based on 2-mesityl-benzimidazolium functionalised poly-(2,6-dimethyl-1,4-phenylene oxide) and their use in alkaline water electrolysis Angela Marinkas; 2018.06 Polymer 145, (242~251) Abstract
579 Direct fabrication of gas diffusion cathode by pulse electrodeposition for proton exchange membrane water electrolysis Hyanjoo Park; 2018.06 Applied surface science 444, (303~311) Abstract
578 Electrodeposited IrO2/Ti electrodes as durable and cost-effective anodes in high-temperature polymer-membrane-electrolyte water electrolyzers Choe, Seunghoe; 2018.06 Applied catalysis B, Environmental 226, (289~294) Abstract

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