Clean Energy Research Center was founded with a goal of developing fundamental technologies required to produce value added chemicals using the carbon (carbon dioxide) cycle process and associated principles and materials. The Center is emphasizing research on solar-fuels technology to produce value added chemicals by artificial photosynthesis, bio-fuels technology to chemically and biologically convert biomass such as lumber to high-value chemicals, and clean-fuels technology to add high value to natural gas such as shale gas. Currently, there are 16 doctorate researchers, 3 master researchers, 4 technicians, and approximately 90 postdoctoral researchers and graduate students that are conducting research in these fields.

Vision & Objective

Clean Energy Research Center is developing core technologies required to produced clean energy and chemicals in the era of climate change and is advancing the research and development with a vision of creating new future industries by the commercialization of such technology. Especially, complete carbon cycling is being developed from the basic fundamental technology research stage with a goal of commercialization to pilot-level research.


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