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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
1047 Combined steam and CO2 reforming of methane over La1-xSrxNiO3 perovskite oxides Eun-hyeok Yang; 2018.01 Catalysis today 299, (242~250) Abstract
1046 Design of carbon dioxide dehydration processusing derivative-free superstructure optimization Jinjoo An;Jonggeol Na; 2018.01 Chemical Engineering Research and Design 129, (344~355) Abstract
1045 Effects of the preparation method on the crystallinity and catalytic activity of LaAlO3 perovskites for oxidative coupling of methane Gihoon Lee;Ilho Kim; 2018.01 Applied surface science 429, (55~61) Abstract
1044 Catalytic co-pyrolysis of epoxy-printed circuit board and plastics over HZSM-5 and HY Young-Min Kim;Tae Uk Han; 2017.12 Journal of cleaner production 168, (366~374) Abstract
1043 Enhancing Fatty Acid Production of Saccharomyces cerevisiae as an Animal Feed Supplement Seung Kyou You; 2017.12 Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 65, 50, (11029~11035) Abstract
1042 Selective CO2 Reduction on Zinc Electrocatalyst: The Effect of Zinc Oxidation State Induced by Pretreatment Environment DANG LE TRI NGUYEN; 2017.12 ACS sustainable chemistry & engineering 5, (11377~11386) Abstract
1041 Catalytic co-pyrolysis of biomass carbohydrates with LLDPE over Al-SBA-15 and mesoporous ZSM-5 Young-Min Kim;Hyung Won Lee;Jungho Jae; 2017.12 Catalysis today 298, (46~52) Abstract
1040 Synthesis of Pt/mesoporous SiC-15 and its catalytic performance for sulfuric acid decomposition KHAN HASSNAIN ABBAS ; 2017.11 Catalysis today 게재예정, (게재예정~) Abstract
1039 Influences of Media Compositions on Characteristics of Isolated Bacteria Exhibiting Lignocellulolytic Activities from Various Environmental Sites Gong, Gyeong Taek; 2017.11 Applied biochemistry and biotechnology 183, 3, (931~942) Abstract
1038 In-situ catalytic co-pyrolysis of yellow poplar and high-density polyethylene over mesoporous catalysts Pouya Sirous Rezaei;Daejun Oh;Yeojin Hong;Young-Min Kim; 2017.11 Energy conversion and management 151, (116~122) Abstract

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