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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
1057 Stabilization of Pt at the inner wall of hollow spherical SiO2 generated from Pt/hollow spherical SiC for sulfuric acid decomposition KHAN HASSNAIN ABBAS; 2018.09 Applied catalysis B, Environmental 231, (151~160) Abstract
1056 Largely enhanced bioethanol production through the combined use of lignin-modified sugarcane and xylose fermenting yeast strain Ja Kyong Ko; 2018.05 Bioresource technology 256, (312~320) Abstract
1055 Two-step continuous upgrading of sawdust pyrolysis oil to deoxygenated hydrocarbons using hydrotreating and hydrodeoxygenating catalysts KIMGAYOUNG; 2018.04 Catalysis today 303, (130~135) Abstract
1054 Bench scale catalytic fast pyrolysis of empty fruit bunches over low cost catalysts and HZSM-5 using a fixed bed reactor Donghoon Ro;Young-Min Kim; 2018.03 Journal of cleaner production 176, (298~303) Abstract
1053 Studies on the synthesis of higher alcohol over modified Cu/ZnO/Al2O3 catalyst Park Ji In; 2018.03 Research on chemical intermediates , (1~10) Abstract
1052 Catalytic hydrodeoxygenation of Geodae-Uksae pyrolysis oil over Ni/desilicated HZSM-5 Heejin Lee;Young-Min Kim; 2018.02 Journal of cleaner production 174, (763~770) Abstract
1051 Synergistic effect of nano-Pt and Ni spine for HER in alkaline solution:hydrogen spillover from nano-Pt to Ni spine ABBAS SYED ASAD; 2018.02 Scientific Reports 8, 2986, (1~9) Abstract
1050 Investigation of Surface Sulfurization in CuIn1-xGaxS2-ySey Thin Films by Using Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy Haeri Kim; 2018.02 Chemphyschem 19, 3, (261~265) Abstract
1049 Combined steam and CO2 reforming of methane over La1-xSrxNiO3 perovskite oxides Eun-hyeok Yang; 2018.01 Catalysis today 299, (242~250) Abstract
1048 Effects of the preparation method on the crystallinity and catalytic activity of LaAlO3 perovskites for oxidative coupling of methane Gihoon Lee;Ilho Kim; 2018.01 Applied surface science 429, (55~61) Abstract

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