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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
1119 Oxidative coupling of methane over LaAlO 3 perovskite catalysts prepared by a co-precipitation method: Effect of co-precipitation pH value Yujin Sim;Jihoon Yoo; 2019.08 Journal of Energy Chemistry 35, (1~8) Abstract
1118 Efficient lipid extraction from the oleaginous yeast Yarrowia lipolytica using switchable solvents SANGDO YOOK; 2019.03 Renewable energy 132, (61~67) Abstract
1117 Heteropolyacid supported on Zr-Beta zeolite as an active catalyst for one-pot transformation of furfural to γ-valerolactone Haryo Pandu Winoto; 2019.02 Applied catalysis B, Environmental 241, (588~597) Abstract
1116 Enhanced butyric acid production using mixed biomass of brown algae and rice straw by Clostridium tyrobutyricum ATCC25755 Oh Hyun-ju; 2019.02 Bioresource technology 273, (446~453) Abstract
1115 Condensation of pentose-derived furan compounds to C15 fuel precursors using supported phosphotungstic acid catalysts: Strategy for designing heterogeneous acid catalysts based on the acid strength and pore structures Ji Sun Kwon; 2019.01 Applied catalysis A, General 570, (238~244) Abstract
1114 Multi-objective Bayesian optimization of chemical reactor design using computational fluid dynamics Seongeon Park; 2018.11 Computers & chemical engineering 119, (25~37) Abstract
1113 Structural insight into D-xylose utilization by xylose reductase from Scheffersomyces stipitis Hyeoncheol Francis Son; 2018.11 Scientific Reports 8, (17442-1~17442-11) Abstract
1112 Enhanced Catalytic Activity of (DMSO)2PtCl2 for the Methane Oxidation in the SO3-H2SO4 System TranHuyenDang;HeWonLee; 2018.11 ACS catalysis 8, (11854~11862) Abstract
1111 Comparative study of catalytic activities among transition metal-doped IrO2 nanoparticles Hangil Lee; 2018.11 Scientific Reports 8, (16777~) Abstract
1110 Activation of a Ni electrocatalyst through spontaneous transformation of nickel sulfide to nickel hydroxide in an oxygen evolution reaction Minoh Lee; 2018.10 Applied catalysis B, Environmental 233, (130~135) Abstract

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