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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
721 Enhanced electromechanical performance of P(VDF-TrFE-CTFE) thin films hybridized with highly dispersed carbon blacks Nguyen Dien kha Tu;Noh Myoung Sub; 2018.11 Composites. Part B, Engineering 152, (133~138) Abstract
720 Mechanical Reactivity of Two Different Spiropyran Mechanophores in Polydimethylsiloxane Kim, Tae Ann; 2018.11 Macromolecules 51, 22, (9177~9183) Abstract
719 Robust nanoscale contact of silver nanowire electrodes to semiconductors to achieve high performance chalcogenide thin film solar cells Sangyeob Lee;Jun Su Lee;Jiseong Jang; 2018.11 Nano energy 53, (675~682) Abstract
718 Low­-Temperature Processable High­Performance D-A-­Type Random Copolymers for Nonfullerene Polymer Solar Cells and Application to Flexible Devices KIM JI YEONG; 2018.10 Advanced Energy Materials 8, 30, (1801601~1801601) Abstract
717 Synthetic Approach To Achieve a Thin-Film Red-Selective Polymer Photodiode: Difluorobenzothiadiazole-Based Donor?Acceptor Polymer with Enhanced Space Charge Carriers Soo-Kwan Kim;Sungmin Park; 2018.10 Macromolecules 51, 20, (8241~8247) Abstract
716 High performance thermoelectric bracelet based on carbon nanotube ink printed directly onto flexible cable Kyung Tae Park; 2018.10 Journal of materials chemistry. A, Materials for energy and sustainability 6, 40, (19727~19734) Abstract
715 Highly Reliable Superhydrophobic Protection for Organic Field-Effect Transistors by Fluoroalkylsilane-Coated TiO2 Nanoparticles Daekyoung Yoo; 2018.10 ACS Nano 게재예정, (게재예정~) Abstract
714 Mechanical Fatigue Resistance of Piezoelectric PVDF Polymers Shin Youn-Hwan; 2018.10 Micromachines 9, 10, (503-1~503-8) Abstract
713 Coaxial struts and microfractured structures of compressible thermoelectric foams for self-powered pressure sensors Jinwoo Oh; 2018.10 Nanoscale 10, (18370~18377) Abstract
712 Butylamine­Catalyzed Synthesis of Nanocrystal Inks Enables Efficient Infrared CQD Solar Cells Kim, Junghwan; 2018.10 Advanced materials 게재예정, (게재예정~) Abstract

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