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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
16868 Cerebellar Shank2 regulates excitatory synapse density, motor coordination, and specific repetitive and anxiety-like behaviors Seungmin Ha;Dongwon Lee; The Journal of Neuroscience 게재예정, (게재예정~) Abstract
16867 tungsten carbide nanowalls as electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction:New approach to durability issue Ko Young-Jin ; Applied catalysis B, Environmental 온라인게재, (온라인게재~) Abstract
16866 Predicting the in vivo accumulation of nanoparticles in tumor based on in vitro macrophage uptake and circulation in zebrafish Hyeyoun Chang;Ji Young Yhee; Journal of controlled release 온라인게재, (온라인게재~) Abstract
16865 One-pot low-temperature sonochemical synthesis of CuO nanostructures and their electrochemical properties 김다솔; Ceramics international 온라인게재, (온라인게재~) Abstract
16864 Fabrication of highly porous carbon as sulfur hosts using waste green tea bag powder for lithium-sulfur batteries 서승덕; Ceramics international 온라인게재, (온라인게재~) Abstract
16863 Facile method to fabricate carbon fibers from textile-grade polyacrylonitrile fibers based on electron-beam irradiation and its effect on the subsequent thermal stabilization process 유승화;Park Sejoon; 2017.07 Carbon 118, (106~113) Abstract
16862 A mechanistic study on the carrier properties of nitrogen-doped graphene derivatives using thermoelectric effect Nguyen Dien kha Tu; 2017.06 Carbon 117, (447~453) Abstract
16861 Uniform one-pot anchoring of Fe3O4 to defective reduced graphene oxide for enhanced lithium storage Dohyeon Yoon; 2017.06 Chemical engineering journal 317, (890~900) Abstract
16860 Adsorption of microcystin-LR on mesoporous carbons and its potential use in drinking water source Park Jeong Ann; 2017.06 Chemosphere 177, (15~23) Abstract
16859 A new method for the real-time quantification of airborne biological particles using a coupled inertial aerosol system with in situ fluorescence imaging Jeongan Choi; 2017.06 Sensors and actuators. B, Chemical 244, (635~641) Abstract

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