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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
19109 Lysyl-tRNA synthetase-expressing colon spheroids induce M2 macrophage polarization to promote metastasis Seo Hee Nam; 2018.11 The Journal of clinical investigation 128, 11, (5034~5055) Abstract
19108 Lithography-free fabrication of field effect transistor channels with randomly contact-printed black phosphorus flakes SeolHee You; 2018.11 Materials science in semiconductor processing 86, (58~62) Abstract
19107 KULEX-Hand: An Underactuated Wearable Hand for Grasping Power Assistance Man Bok Hong; 2018.11 IEEE transactions on robotics 게재예정, (게재예정~) Abstract
19106 Isotropic Sodiation Behaviors of Ultrafast-Chargeable Tin Crystals Byeon Young Woon;Yong-Seok Choi; 2018.11 ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 게재예정, (게재예정~) Abstract
19105 Ionic-liquid-derived nitrogen-doped carbon electrocatalyst for peroxide generation and divalent iron regeneration: Its application for removal of aqueous organic compounds Ko Young Jin;Hee-gon Kim; 2018.11 ACS sustainable chemistry & engineering 6, 11, (14857~14865) Abstract
19104 Iodine-Promoted One-pot Synthesis of Highly Substituted 4-Aminopyrroles and Bis-4-aminopyrrole from Aryl Methyl Ketones, Arylamines, and Enamines Hitesh B. Jalania;Jyotirling R. Malib; 2018.11 Advanced synthesis & catalysis 360, 21, (4073~4079) Abstract
19103 Investigating spintronic and advanced functional materials using synchrotron x-rays Jun Woo Choi; 2018.11 Current applied physics 18, 11, (1171~1173) Abstract
19102 Improved All-Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries using Catholyte Additive and a Crosslinked Methylated PBI Membrane Ruiyong Chen; 2018.11 ACS applied energy materials 1, 11, (6047~6055) Abstract
19101 Highly concentrated single-chain atomic crystal LiMo3Se3 solution using ion-exchange chromatography Sudong Chae;Seungbae Oh; 2018.11 Chemical communications 54, 88, (12503~12506) Abstract
19100 Highly Sensitive Color Tunablility by Scalable Nanomorphology of a Dielectric Layer in Liquid-Permeable Metal-Insulator-Metal Structure Eui-Sang Yu; 2018.11 ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 10, 44, (38581~38587) Abstract

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